Sydnie Barrett
In their second year as an official Chatterbox staff member, Syd Barrett is overwhelmingly excited to be the Section Editor of the brand new video and podcast section. They are honored to be able to lead this section, and watch the production of video and podcast content come to life for The Chatterbox.

Last year Syd enjoyed being a writer for the style & culture section, but their first love is photography which snowballed into their interest in videojournalism. Syd is not the most experienced in the realm of video/podcast production but their excessive amount of enthusiasm and determination balance it out. 

Outside of journalism -- like a platypus -- they don’t do  much. When they aren’t working on Chatterbox content, Syd can be found procrastinating responsibilities, sewing, and promoting the gay agenda. 

Once they graduate highschool, Syd plans to attend college in Canada and subsequently become a Canadian citizen as well as open a coffee shop only after pursuing a journalism career.


Sydnie Barrett, Managing Editor of Video and Podcast

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Sydnie Barrett