Creature feature

welcome to the wild


Sydnie Barrett

Creature feature can be expected as a new column in the Chatterbox.

Lonzo Montgomery, Public Relations & Social Media Manager

I remember sitting, anticipating and wondering what part of the world I was going to travel to from my living room that day. Waiting for Chris and Martin Kratt to start their enthusiastic and descriptive introduction before transforming into animated characters and taking me along on their adventures on that episode of Wild Kratts.

Wild Kratts was one of my favorite shows growing up, both answering my questions about animals while also giving me more to think about. I have to thank the Kratt brothers for all the hours I spent watching the show and all the knowledge I gained from it. 

Recently I’ve been looking for a way to get back into writing more for the paper. I started thinking of all the things I’m passionate about and settled on animals, remembering how much I loved Wild Kratts when I was younger. 

What I hope to accomplish with this is to communicate my wonder and love for the animal world. To share facts on the diet, social habits and other characteristics of animals that you don’t normally hear about- shrimp that can punch so fast they boil the water around them, rodents that can run as fast as horses and an amphibian whose name means “fire lizard.”

More locally, I want to talk about some of the wildlife that inhabits the Walnut Woods of Evanston right outside of our school.

If there are certain topics you would like for me to discuss, please offer suggestions through the form available from this link. Furthermore, The Chatterbox encourages students to submit a “Letter to the Editor” for topics they wish to write about.

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