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Lonzo Montgomery

Lonzo Montgomery, Public Relations & Social Media Manager

In his fifth year as a Chatterbox staff member, SENIOR Lonzo Montgomery has once again enthusiastically taken on the role of Public Relations and Social Media Manager.

Montgomery is passionate about writing and music. He has written many articles for the Chatterbox, one of them being called The importance of context in which he highlights the importance of context in a world becoming more and more digital by the day.

Montgomery is also very music oriented and sees music as his passion. He wants to use music to bring joy to other people the way it does for him. His favorite artists are Sam Smith and Demi Lovato because of the way they put so much raw and powerful emotion into their music. He is undeniably in love with any type of music that others would consider sad. But he also likes other artists such as Nico Collins, JORDY, and Beyoncé. 

He marches sousaphone as part of the marching band. He takes part in both Sci-Fi Club and more recently Theater. Sci-Fi club is fun for him and Theater is a way for him to put himself into the minds of other people and immerse himself in a world different from his own.

When he is not taking part in any of those activities, he is usually either songwriting, listening to music, catching up on sleep, binging something on Netflix or some other streaming service, watching Tik Tok, or deep in introspective thought. 

Montgomery currently doesn't know what college he wants to attend. Although whatever college he attends will be an H.B.C.U., where he plans to study psychology to become a social worker or child psychologist.

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