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Sometimes shame isn’t the judgment of someone else, but the internal perception of ourselves.


Faith Wallace, Writer
March 10, 2023
Balancing sports and school can be hard physically and emotionally, but my friends and teammates are always there helping me along the way. Because of that support, I am constantly reminded of why I row.

Kaylee’s korner

Kaylee Robbins, Deputy Editor in Chief
March 7, 2023
A passport is required in most cases to enter the U.S. For most European passports, a previous ESTA application is enough, but because I’m staying more than 90 days, I needed a visa.

4440 miles from home

January 30, 2023
When no one was looking, I sneakily got my mom to take this sick picture of me on a college visit. This was my first official and after the initial nervousness of it all, it was a great experience that I look forward to sharing with you guys.

Kaylee’s korner

Kaylee Robbins, Deputy Editor in Chief
January 26, 2023
To start off this column, I decided it would be fitting to show a picture of me and my dad at a regatta early last year. My favorite part of rowing is probably my team and all the fun we have during traveling and regattas.

Kaylee’s Korner

Kaylee Robbins, Deputy Editor in Chief
January 26, 2023
This past photo was taken of Haile while he was on staff during his time at WHHS.

Debrai Haile

Debrai Haile
January 11, 2023
Creature feature can be expected as a new column in the Chatterbox.

Creature feature

Lonzo Montgomery, Public Relations & Social Media Manager
January 4, 2023
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