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Click the image above to complete the class application.
Click the image above to complete the class application.

Currently Walnut Hills High School offers four different journalism courses. The complete course descriptions can be found here. 

Apply for yearbook, news production, and journalism production by completing this application. 

Why Journalism?

A 2008 study mirrored the results of a similar study 21 years earlier, finding, “students with journalism experience in high school did better than non-journalism students in terms of both high school grades and ACT scores.”

Joining the yearbook or news production class at Walnut Hills High School helps you become part of a team of students dedicated to telling the story of our community.  You become part of a publication team that is the only organization that can tell the stories of Walnut students and life under the dome in an authentic and accurate way.

You will get the chance to travel to the National High School Journalism Convention each fall. The 2023 fall convention will take place in Boston. In 2022 we attended the conventions in L.A. and St. Louis, winning multiple writing and design awards. In 2019 the convention was in Washington, D.C. and our teams won 1st and 2nd place in the National High School Journalism Quiz Bowl, and awards in 10 National Media Contests. In 2018 the convention was in Chicago, and we won the quiz bowl and won nine Write-off Awards.

Discover more about our program with the recruiting slide show


Click the image above to complete the club application.
Click the image above to complete the club application.

Can’t fit the yearbook or news production class into your schedule?

Join as a club member. All class members are also club members, but if you are really dedicated it is possible to become a part of our staff as a club member. Apply to join the club at any time.

Steps to joining the newspaper or yearbook club:

  1. Sign up in Final Forms.
  2. Complete the membership information sheet. 
  3. Sign up for GroupMe
    1.  join the club GroupMe – 
  4. We recommend aspiring club members complete the Journalism Course found at Checkology 
  5. Join the Schoology Course for Club Members using this course code – 3FHJ7-2PG6K
  6. Get added to the Walnut Student Journalism Google Drive folder by following this link.  You will have to request access. (Add a shortcut to this folder to your drive.)
  7. Add the self-help “how-to”  folder shortcut to your drive as well – (Follow directions above.)
  8. Come to a club meeting and pick a copy of the Media License. You (and if you are under 18, your parent or guardian) will need to sign this BEFORE you begin working on content for publication. 
  9. Come to a club meeting and get your picture taken for a press pass. Sign the press pass agreement. 
  10. Both you and your parents or caregivers must sign the publication and equipment agreement BEFORE you begin working on content for the publication – 
  11. Write your staff bio for www.whhscbox.comClick here to make a copy of the template and share the final document with Mrs. Gerwe-Perkins, 
  12. Get started on your first article! This guide will help:


For 2023-2014, The Journalism Club meets during all three lunches on Thursdays in room 2306 AND from 3-4 p.m. on these Tuesdays: 9/19/2023, 10/3/2023, 10/17/2023, 10/31/2023, 12/5/2024, 1/23/2024, 2/6/2024, 3/12/2024, 4/9/2024, 4/23/2024, 5/7/2024. Club members can stop by any Tuesday from 3-4 for help with articles.

Some meetings will also be a late work night for a newspaper deadline.


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