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Counselors: how they care, cater and advocate for the student body.
May 16, 2023
It turns out Syd was Wally.
The Reveal of Wally Hill
May 10, 2023
Metacognition is a column that will appear in every other issue.
May 8, 2023
Created by Lonzo Montgomery on Canva.
Narrowing the scope
April 25, 2023
Created by Max Blessing on Canva
WHHS on a journey
April 11, 2023
SENIOR Lily Clark has taken on Arcade Attack as its leading host.
Arcade Attack
March 3, 2023
Bachelor perspectives
March 1, 2023
Piper Peanut

Piper Peanut is the official mascot of the Peanuts section of the Chatterbox. She provides honest (and anonymous) feedback from the perspective of a WHHS student to help middle schoolers navigate their way through our school.

The name Noir Pride Cosmetics means Black pride cosmetics. This is one of the many ways Hawkins showcases her heritage through her brand.
Side-hustle success
March 10, 2023
Created by Elena Brown on Canva
Spring sports overview
May 16, 2023
Playing sports together has made the Givens spend more time together and has allowed them to become quite close.
Siblings who play together stay together
May 11, 2023
Created on Adobe Illustrator by L Mahler
The console war
May 16, 2023
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Itching for Glitches
April 25, 2023
This infographic made on Canva displays different spring break activities.
Spring break ideas
Lael Ingram, Section Editor of News
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PJ Varatta
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In his first year as a Chatterbox staff member, PJ Varatta, '26, is excited to work as a staff writer this year. Varatta hopes to expand his skills as a journalist and get his first taste of what it is...

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L Mahler
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In her second year as a Chatterbox staff member, L Mahler is conflicted about working for the Chatterbox newspaper. She hopes to put multiple of her articles in the paper, although she’ll currently...

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