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Every year, the poetry slam team holds auditions for new members to join. The number selected for  the team varies from year to year depending on how many people are needed for competitions.
Verses lead to victory
Selby Lin, Section Editor of Fine Arts • March 22, 2024

The muffled voices of poets carries through the air. Their powerful words echos through the silent room. This is the poetry slam team. “We write and perform our own original...

This will be Rebber’s first lead role, having previously been casted in the ensemble. “Im enjoying it a lot. Its a lot of late hours and hard work put into the show but I know that its going to turn out amazingly,” Rebber said.
February 26, 2024
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2024

WHHS Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) Minutes WHHS Parent Association Minutes WHHS Local School Decision Making Committee...

Made by Kimaya Mundhe on Canva
Israel-Hamas war resource guide
Sarah Wilson and Kimaya Mundhe January 19, 2024

Purpose statement Over the past months, the Israel-Hamas war has amassed significant international attention, particularly following the Hamas-led...

Sunrise Movement celebrates with their supporters after they finally achieved their goal in getting the Electrification and Renewable Energy Resolution passed by the CPS board.
Resolution passed: Sunrise Movement achieves long-time goal
April 17, 2024
Jan Biesada, 24, and Liam Kelly, ‘28, fence in the forum.
Phenomenal fencing
April 12, 2024
Made by Marwa Khzir on Canva
Earthquake in Taiwan
April 11, 2024
Students and staff can check out the Sandy Hook Promise Learning Center website at
Breaking their PROMISE
April 9, 2024
Students studying for exams might have a messy desk at home or even a messy computer. All of the paperwork can add up and create a mess.
Exams: What a scam
March 7, 2024
Just take my word for it is a column that appears in every other issue.
(Made by Dominic Hamon on Canva)
Just take my word for it
February 16, 2024
 In the salt mines, located through the door in the stairwell next to the cafeteria, that are used for storage, many students will spray paint graffiti on the walls and vents. Some of the graffiti dates back to the 60s.
Litter is bitter
February 9, 2024
Issue 11: Sudoku
Issue 11: Sudoku
April 15, 2024
Issue 10: Sudoku
Issue 10: Sudoku
March 20, 2024
Issue 9: Sudoku
Issue 9: Sudoku
February 28, 2024
Issue 7 - Sudoku #2
Issue 7 - Sudoku #2
February 23, 2024
Piper Peanut

Piper Peanut is the official mascot of the Peanuts section of the Chatterbox. She provides honest (and anonymous) feedback from the perspective of a WHHS student to help middle schoolers navigate their way through our school.

 When hosting a shadow you go about your normal day just with an extra person. Many find this to be an enjoyable experience. “It was really fun showing my shadow around and introducing them to my friends,” Racky Barry, ‘24 said. (Made by Iman Divanovic on Canva)
Shadowing stories
April 11, 2024
Elena Brown, ‘27, and Samantha Gerwe-Perkins look over a story document toegher in the J-lab. Brown had Gerwe-Perkins as a teacher for news writing in seventh grade, then news production in eighth and ninth grade.
Twice teachers
April 1, 2024
“Paul Ashbrook painted the murals and they are from the 1930s,” Wolfe said. “His wife taught French in this classroom in the 1930s and supposedly, what I understand, is that each of the panels went along with an epic French poem, which she taught to her French students.”
Rooms to look forward to
February 26, 2024
Coach Ashley Davis gives instruction to the field hockey team at half time of an important conference game against Milford.
New beginnings for old teams
April 18, 2024
In 1972 the passing of Title IX changed the world of women’s sports forever. By prohibiting gender discrimination in education programs and activities, the law made it a requirement for both men and women be allowed the same athletic opportunities.
Who runs the world?
April 9, 2024
Along with being a part of the WHHS team, Williams also bowls for another team not affiliated with the school
They see me bowling
April 5, 2024
Wineberg is joined by her friends Chloe Farris, Daniea ​​Neiheisel-Roberts, and Ally Towles. They run alongside one another on the track.
Head start
April 4, 2024
Made by Krishna Malhotra on Canva
Counting sheep
April 4, 2024
Alexei Navalny died in a Russian prison on Feb. 16. His legacy has been preserved through his YouTube content and an Oscar-winning documentary.
Who was Alexei Navalny?
March 22, 2024
Youtuber Matthew Pattrick, known for multiple theorists channels, has retired from his hosting duties as of Mar. 9. Fans across the globe are saddened over the news, with even some WHHS students throwing the YouTuber a retirement party as appreciation for his years of entertainment.
MatPat steps down
James Overton, News and Features Writer
 “Barbie” got eight Oscar nominations in total. (Made by Faith Wallace on Canva)
The popularity Oscars
Faith Wallace, Style and Culture Writer

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