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The new head football coach, G. Benjamin Myles hopes to create a team that WHHS can be proud of. To achieve this, Myles is stepping up to create an environment filled with support and determination. “He pays attention to each group. He is really microscopic about everything, and he makes sure everyone is doing their job right, rather than leaving it to other coaches,” SENIOR Eric Terell, a player on the football team, said. “He’s also energetic everyday. When his energy is up, the whole teams energy is up.

Teaching and touchdowns in tandem

Emma Kim, Section Editor of News and Features
September 26, 2023
After a summer’s worth of work, Green Club is ready to collect one of their largest and most diverse harvests to date. However, the club has more in store for its attendees than just a harvest. “We also have a large composting team who goes into the different classrooms and collects compost from specific teachers,” Daasi Afanuh, one of the club’s main leaders, said.

Harvesting success

James Overton, News and Features Writer
September 22, 2023
Sophie Glenn, 24, and Kevin McCormick have developed a friendship over a love of music, and mutual kindness. I feel like whenever I see him I just like to say hello, its good to see a familiar face, especially in the hallways, Sophie Glenn, 24 said.

Special friendships: Kevin McCormick and Sophie Glenn

Bareen Abdulrahman, Managing Editor of Current Events
May 16, 2023
Practicing religions at WHHS

Practicing religions at WHHS

Bareen Abdulrahman, Managing Editor of Current Events
May 16, 2023
E.D. Morel, a British journalist famous for bringing the abuse of the Congolese people by the Belgians, the former rulers of the DRC, to the public eye, described the Congo as “a gigantic slave-farm reeking with cruelty.”

The bad side of batteries

Elena Brown, Managing Editor of Student Life
May 15, 2023
Students’ lunch can be found lining the spirit shop.

Trash on Campus

Kiley Baker, Staff Writer & Photographer
May 15, 2023
Cum Laude initiates, along with their friends and family, gather to celebrate their high school accomplishments.

Cum Laude initiates rise to the highest

Nazret Degaulle, Managing Editor of Student Life
May 15, 2023
A photo of a testing bubble sheet and a pencil.

ACT Season

Axel Kindel, News and Features Writer
May 12, 2023
The bridge after construction.

Eagle Scouts build new bridge

Lily Williams, Staff Writer & Photographer
May 12, 2023
Many student congress candidates have made election posters to promote their campaign.

Introducing the 2023-2024 student congress

Nazret Degaulle, Managing Editor of Student Life
May 10, 2023
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