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The Chatterbox

The Student News Site of Walnut Hills High School

The Chatterbox

The Student News Site of Walnut Hills High School

The Chatterbox


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Chatterbox Policy Statement

The Chatterbox has been guaranteed the right of freedom of the press through the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The administration of Walnut Hills is thus bound to support and protect The Chatterbox’s inalienable rights as a free press.

As an integral part of the Walnut Hills community, The Chatterbox has the responsibility to report in the most comprehensive and objective manner possible. Students, parents, faculty, and administrators are encouraged to use this publication as a forum to express any ideas or concerns, whether they be personal or of local, national, or international scope.

Journalists are required to work under established guidelines. Invasion of privacy as a means of news gathering is prohibited. Articles found to be discriminatory, libelous, or unnecessarily obscene (as determined by the editors or the advisor) will not be published. Finally, journalists are granted the right to keep private the name of a source from whom they received information with the understanding that the source was to remain anonymous. The role of the newspaper advisor will be to provide counsel and criticism pertaining to the newspaper’s content and production. Although both the advisor and the administration hold certain powers regarding The Chatterbox, both must respect the paper’s autonomy. No student shall be prevented from joining the staff on the basis of sex, race, creed, or national origin.

Source: Volume LXXXXVIII No. 1 – Monday October 15, 2001


The views expressed on this site do not reflect the views of the Cincinnati City School District. This site contains student-created content which may not be endorsed by the District.


Key Points of the Chatterbox and Remembrancer Code of Ethics

Be Responsible.
Be Fair.
Be Honest.
Be Accurate.
Be Independent.
Minimize Harm.
Be Accountable.



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