New teachers to WHHS

Emily Henderson


Sydnie Barrett

“I love my dog, I love my husband, I love my students, and I love ice cream.”

Bareen Abdulrahman, Managing Editor of Current Events

With the new school year comes new teachers, like Emily Henderson, an art teacher starting her third year of teaching. She is enjoying her time at WHHS and feels welcomed by her students. 

This year, Henderson is opening up an ice cream shop with her husband, called the Gold Spoon Creamery. She and her husband went to ice cream school in Idaho and later decided that they wanted to start their own business.

“Our goal is to make this space where people can come and enjoy our ice cream; It’s a dream of ours, and it’s finally coming together,” Henderson said.

Henderson loves her dog, an AussieDoodle, and spends time with him every day. Henderson also loves all things art related, as her room is showered with her art, from sculpted Nike shoes to realistic paintings hanging on the walls. 

For Henderson, following the rules has been the norm, and her art reflects that. This summer, however, she tried to push herself out of her comfort zone, which has been a challenge.

“If there’s something I want to do, I will look at the steps, and follow them exactly to see if I can recreate it; I’m in this artistic point of discovery right now, where I’m trying to do things that are more organic and abstract.” 

Henderson wants her students to know that inside the four walls of her classroom, you can be safe. No matter what’s going on, you can come in and put everything else aside. 

“I love my dog, I love my husband, I love my students, and I love ice cream.”