Class of ’23 Future Planning

As the second semester approaches, juniors are less than a year away from starting the college application process and need to start thinking about their futures.













  • Get involved with extracurricular activities. Colleges love when you’re involved in your community and well-rounded.
  • Prepare for your PSAT and SAT! These tests open opportunities for scholarships and a good SAT score impresses colleges.
  • Check Naviance! Naviance is a resource provided by the school district to help you start your journey to finding the perfect school for you.
  • Update your resume. A healthy resume reflects well on you and opens doors for your future.
  • Start making a list of colleges you’re interested in! When you give college attention, you get attention back.
  • Start planning college visits. Most places look good on paper, but it’s always great to see the place you might be spending the next few years of your life in person.