Hundreds of protestors gathered in Grant Park to protest the Vietnam War during the 1968 Democratic Nominating Convention in Chicago, Ill.

1968 v. 2020: Parallels from the mind of Aaron Sorkin

October 20, 2020

Netflix began streaming The Trial of the Chicago 7, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, on Oct. 16. The movie chronicles one of the nation’s most notable fe...

Animal Crossing New Horizons has sold over 22 million copies making it the second most popular Nintendo Switch game.

Quarantined gamers find relaxing paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

October 20, 2020

During COVID-19, video gaming has been used by many to get away from their daily problems and escape to a different world. One game that has done particul...

Both pro-life and pro-choice protestors gather outside the Supreme Court in 2016. The demonstration protested the landmark decision of Whole Woman’s Health vs Hellerstedt. The Court ruled that Texas could not put restricitons on abortion services to prevent women from seeking an abortion.

A case for choice

October 20, 2020

The pro-life vs pro-choice argument is stronger, bigger and more relevant than ever. With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the issue of abortion...

Many have criticized Disney for the lack of diversity and inclusion in its content, old and new.

Where’s Disney’s diversity?

October 20, 2020

Recently in the U.S. the Black Lives Matter Movement, also known as BLM, has been all over the news. This movement has encouraged people to re-observe...

Marching band adapts to COVID-19

WHHS marching band students practicing while social distancing. This performance is based on a dragon with the band performing “This is Berk” from How to Train your Dragon and “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

Ryan Helton, Fine Arts Writer

October 19, 2020

School has been one of the most complex issues that people have to figure out, and the marching band was heavily impacted by the coronavirus. Many of the...

Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off in the first presidential debate on Sept. 29.

The first presidential debate: highlights and takeaways

October 19, 2020

On Sept. 29, the first debate took place between presidential candidates incumbent Donald Trump representing the Republican Party and former Vice President...

Following the murder of George Floyd, rioters start a fire outside of the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct. This precinct was the one where Derek Chauvin, the man who killed Floyd, worked.

The path toward civil war

October 16, 2020

Within recent decades there has been an increase in the major political parties’ inability to work together to solve a common issue. This inability ...

The WHHS library sits empty while students learn from home. Librarians Acacia Moraes-Diniz, Ellen Wathen and Margo Fisher-Bellman have created virtual alternatives for students to use.

Library goes virtual with new tools for students

October 8, 2020

Students crave a peaceful environment where they can work on projects, homework, ask for help, or just read a book. The WHHS library has been providing...

The photo that sparked a frenzy. Adele, pictured in a Jamaican Flag bikini, a yellow feather headdress, Bantu knots, and black and gray yoga pants, has become the center of a cultural storm after posting what she wore to Notting Hill Carnival in 2019 on Instagram.

Appreciation or appropriation: what does WHHS have to say?

October 8, 2020

Appropriation or appreciation? That is the question. Due to Covid-19 cultural festivals around the world have been canceled. One such festival was N...

SENIOR Noah Suggs and Debo Ogunremi, ‘22, stand on the sidelines observing the game while also following the new rules and regulations that were established due to the pandemic.

Fall sports resume with new restrictions

October 8, 2020

As the 2020-2021 school year continues, new changes are being made, including alterations to the fall sports season. Most teams have been practicing and training...

Concert band in the era of coronavirus

The band room, left empty months into the school year. The WHHS band directors were tasked with getting this art form across, while still remaining safe due to the pandemic.

Isabella Zinchini, Fine Arts Section Editor

October 8, 2020

WHHS’s band department has been working nonstop since the outbreak of COVID-19 to find new innovative ways of learning in a virtual environment as wel...

SENIOR Feature: football standout Nick Presley commits to D1 Football School

SENIOR Nick Presley goes up to catch a pass near the endzone thrown by the quarterback. One of many touchdowns caught by Presley.

Hajra Munir, Sports Section Editor

October 8, 2020

SENIOR Nick Presley has always exuded hard work and determination on and off the football field. Luckily, this hard work has paid off.  Presley rece...

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