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Sofia Tollefson

Sofia Tollefson, Managing Editor of Current Events

In her fifth year as a Chatterbox staff member, Sofia Tollefson is thrilled to become Managing Editor of Current Events. She is so excited to be on Chatterbox again, despite the stress, and this year she hopes she’ll make all her deadlines. She’s already failed at that since she is submitting this bio late. Oops.

Tollefson has exactly zero outside-of-Chatterbox journalism experience. However she does run cross country (she’s the biggest team cheerleader* despite being pretty slow) and she’s part of multiple clubs. Tollefson is the president of Boo Radley for the third year in a row.  

She has no idea where she wants to go to college. Tollefson used to want to be a teacher but considering the current state of the American education system she isn’t so sure. Maybe majoring in international affairs and working for the UN is better?

Tollefson loves writing and reading. She also enjoys debating with people and petting cute animals. She’s a firm believer in optimism and being kind. :)

*According to some girls on the cross country team

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