Return to school: Q and A


Courtesy of WHHS

The WHHS blended bell schedule was released in the Eagle Flyer on Feb. 4.

This Q&A will be updated as more information is available. To submit a question, please fill out this form.

Update (Feb. 9): WHHS will not return to in-person learning until CPS changes social distancing guidelines. This Q&A addresses the proposed hybrid plan only.


When will WHHS start hybrid learning?

A start date for WHHS has not been confirmed. If WHHS follows other CPS schools, 9-12th grade students will return on Feb. 16 and 7-8th grade students will return March 1.


What is the weekly schedule? 

The weekly schedule can be accessed here. All students will attend all bells through remote instruction on Monday. Group A will attend in-person on Tuesday and Wednesday. Group B will attend in person on Thursday and Friday. On the two days they are not attending online or in-person classes, students will participate in asynchronous learning activities.

This schedule was announced in the Eagle Flyer.


How will groups A and B be divided?

Students will be divided into cohorts by last name. Group A includes last names A-K and Group B includes L-Z. Students can confirm their group on Powerschool.


How much class time will there be each week?

Teachers are required to keep synchronous and asynchronous class time and learning activities to 240 minutes per class, per week. 120 minutes will be spent in in-person classes and 30 minutes will be spent on synchronous classes on Monday. This time limit is a continuation of the suggested 240 minute limit previously set for distance learning.


When/where will we have lunch?

Students will eat lunch in their third bell classroom. During the third bell period, there are 45 minutes designated for class and 40 minutes designated for lunch. Students can pick up school lunch at kiosks during this time. Students will be provided with clear trifold desk shields to use while eating. Vending machines and club fundraiser food sales will not be available.


How will I pay for lunch?

Lunch and breakfast is free for all students for the rest of the school year.


How will arrival work? Will we still have to go through the metal detectors?

Students must enter through Blair Circle, Lot D, Sulsar, or the Plaza. They must go through the metal detectors, where their backpacks will be searched as normal. Additionally, students will have their temperature checked upon arrival. Students will report to their first bell of the day for “homeroom” and announcements before the start of class.


How will dismissal work?

There will be a staggered release for students who ride the bus from 2:50 to 2:55. Students who drive or are picked up in the car line will be released at 3:00.


How will busses work?

Bus passes will be distributed on the first day in English classes. Bus cards will not be required in the first week of school. Bus routes and order will be confirmed before the first week. Busses will load from back to front, and students will exit through the back door only.


Do I need a parking pass?

According to Principal Chambers, “Parking passes will be available for all students who need them.” Further information will be released soon.


How will bell transitions work, and how much time will we have?

Students will have 10 minutes for bell transitions. Transitions will not be staggered. Students will walk single-file in hallways. All hallways will be two-way and stairs will be one-way


How are classrooms set up?

Students will sit at least three feet apart. This three foot distance is measured from the center of one seat to the center of the next seat.


Will desks be sanitized?

Students will sanitize their own desks before and after each class using sanitizing spray and paper towels provided to each classroom. Classrooms will have clear trifold desk shields to be used during lunch and breakfast. Students will sanitize their shields after use.


How will study halls be organized?

Most study halls will be held in the cafeteria with assigned seating. Students in all grades may have late arrival or early dismissal if they have study halls during bells 1, 2, 6, and/or 7. Permission slips are required for late arrival or early dismissal.


Will the library be open for study hall?

The library, College Information Center and Writing Center will be available, but students must get permission from a study hall teacher.


Will students keep their school-issued laptops?

Yes. Students are expected to bring their school-issued laptops to school, fully charged.


When can we use the restroom?

Students are advised to use the restrooms during classes to keep restrooms from becoming crowded during bell changes.


Will clubs be in person?

At this time, clubs will not meet in person. Many clubs have continued to operate online this year, and information about joining them can be found on Schoology in the Student Body page.


Will the students have lockers?



Will we have exams? 

No, there will be no second semester exams. 


Will water bottles be allowed?

Yes. Water bottle filling stations will be open, and CPS will provide water bottles for students. Regular water fountains will not be used.


Who can I contact to express my opinion?

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