Isabel Nissley
In her fourth year as a Chatterbox staff member, Isabel Nissley is ecstatic to work as the Deputy Online Editor in Chief. She hopes to highlight more student voices through the expansion of the website!

For the past three years, Nissley worked with the Opinions and Fine Arts sections as both a writer and editor. When she’s not writing in AP Style, Nissley generates content for Cinci360. She is also a member of the Quill and Scroll Honor Society.

Outside of Chatterbox, Nissley is a mediocre member of the WHHS dive team as well as an overly enthusiastic ice cream scooper.

Nissley hopes to attend college and study journalism, one day becoming a full time writer!

She also is a fan of oxford commas, spending time with friends, and is learning to enjoy running.

Isabel Nissley, Deputy Online Editor in Chief

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Isabel Nissley