A freeze frame from the 1962 'King Kong vs Godzilla.' With the release of 'Godzilla vs Kong' in November of 2020, the two most famous monsters of all time will share the screen for the first time in 58 years.

The Kraken sleepeth: the delay of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’

December 19, 2019

In 2014, humanity once again came face to face with the king of the monsters. Pitted against previously unknown threats that later would be classified ...

Asthma is one of the leading causes of absenteeism in children and adolescents. All are words that writer, SENIOR Alonna Johsnon, associates with her asthma during the winter season.

Being a sick kid

December 19, 2019

It’s second and third quarter. During this time, the seasons are changing from fall to winter. With winter comes holidays, snow and cold air. For me, wint...

From left to right: Red Cross Club members Justin Chan, ‘22, Ben Liu, ‘22, and Bojun Fu, ‘22, shake hands with a veteran patient during their visit to the Veteran Association Medical Center.

Red Cross comes to WHHS

December 18, 2019

There are many values that people believe in, but according to the Red Cross, a very important value involves helping others to the best of one’s ability....

During previous Black Fridays, shoppers crowded into stores and even waited outside malls before they opened. This Black Friday was a little more sparse, with shoppers waiting until Cyber Monday to get good deals.

Black Friday shoppers wait for Cyber Monday deals

December 17, 2019

As families across the country finish their Thanksgiving meals, many head out to seek Black Friday deals at retail stores from JCPenny to Walmart. Howeve...

Poaching is a major issue facing the rhinoceros. In Africa, 892 rhinos were poached for their horns in 2018, down from a high of 1,349 killed in 2015.

A horn in society’s side

December 17, 2019

Animal endangerment is inflicted in many ways. There is a long list of possible causes for this species decline on our planet, such as climate change,...

Micah Ballard, ‘21, vigorously sands the inside of a stall in preparation for decorating. Art club members hope this will not only beautify the school, but also discourage vandalism.

WHHS art club beautifies school with bathroom stall decoration

December 16, 2019

 Change is coming to the restroom stalls at WHHS.  The Art Club, advised by art teacher, Kim Watling, has planned to  paint the stalls with beaut...

Hyper space drive, which allows ships in the 'Star Wars' movies to move across the galaxy more quickly, can be seen outside of a ship's window.

To the stars

December 12, 2019

I remember December 18, 2015 like it was yesterday. Or, to be more precise, I remember one specific event that happened on December 18, 2015 like it wa...

Controversy has surrounded the release of Star Wars' new movies.

‘Star Wars’: Dying or Thriving?

December 12, 2019

Star Wars is a space epic surrounding events occurring “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” and most recently will see its sequel trilogy com...

Hannah Lieb, ‘24, is a part of WHHS' junior high wrestling team. As a girl in the male-dominated sport, she works hard to win. “The phrase ‘fight like a girl’ implies that girls can’t fight as well as boys, and it’s the best feeling in the world anytime I win a match and prove that phrase to be wrong,” Lieb said.

Fight like a girl

December 11, 2019

What is the first sport you can think of? Out of the 60 WHHS junior high students surveyed, only two students answered wrestling. Hannah Lieb, ‘24, ...

Compositions created by Effies and SENIORS alike were made available for the viewing pleasure of the art show's many attendees.

Young WHHS artists showcase talent

December 9, 2019

Here at WHHS, many of the students and staff are passionate about the arts program that we have to offer. WHHS often has events to showcase the talent o...

Fall Sports Awards

Fall Sports Awards

December 6, 2019

All photos courtesy of: Rooted Media Center...

Cancel culture is the internet practice of boycotting celebrities based on public controversies. It has become wide-spread across social media, but some believe it has gone too far.

The conspiracy of cancel culture

December 4, 2019

Cancel Culture. We have all seen it plastered over Twitter involving some celebrity doing something offensive. But the question is, does it really work?...

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