Young WHHS artists showcase talent

A look into WHHS seventh and eighth grade art students’ contributions to the Fall Art Show


Nadya Ellerhorst

Compositions created by Effies and SENIORS alike were made available for the viewing pleasure of the art show’s many attendees.

Here at WHHS, many of the students and staff are passionate about the arts program that we have to offer. WHHS often has events to showcase the talent of its students, such as the art show that recently happened on campus. 

Liz Lloyd, an art teacher for grades seven to 12, was proud to say that most of the work displayed during the art show was seventh and eight grade artwork. “The art show was mainly to show the students’ hard work,” Lloyd said. 

“Most of my students had a creative color wheel with acrylic and also submitted a Cubist painting,” Lloyd said. 

Lloyd’s junior high art classes also had inspiration for this year’s art show. “My students produced realistic drawings that were based on the the big toy mural downtown,” Lloyd said. 

There were no winners in the art show, but Lloyd has art contest for each of her classes. Lloyd called this friendly competition ‘Inktober.’

Every October,  Lloyd’s students submit artwork that was done in Sharpie. She has a first, second and third place winner for their work between the classes.

James Johnson, ‘24, was one of the winners of Lloyd’s contest and also submitted some of his winning work to the art show. 

Johnson was focused on the creativeness of his artwork. “My drawing I submitted was based off of Mickey Mouse and Venom. We had to do something original so I decided to combine those two to make it more creative,” Johnson said. 

The art show is the perfect event to credit the students hard work into something that the students, staff, and parents always look forward to. 

The junior high students worked extremely hard on their art  and each of their pieces were greatly appreciated by the WHHS community.