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Drew Hart

Drew Hart, Sports Section Editor

Drew Hart has taken on the ambitious task of the sports editor in his first year on Chatterbox staff. This year, he is looking forward to reporting more than just sports, but all the student athletes and their incredible accomplishments both on and off the field.

Hart is a very passionate photojournalist and videographer, he hopes to document as many sports events and achievements of the student athletes as possible. He plans to bring more video content to engage a new and evolving audience.

Hart is one of the leaders of The Nuthouse, the WHHS student section, and hopes to link that with the sports page to produce interesting content with his team. He also works at a youth film studio in Over the Rhine, called Fourthwall Studios. He hopes to incorporate the many aspects of video he has learned there in the videos for WHHS.

He hopes to attend college at either Savannah College of Art and Design or Syracuse University to pursue a career in cinematography or photojournalism.

He enjoys hanging out with friends and all things outdoors including backpacking, mountain biking, and trail running.

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