Burgin soars high as a Lady Eagle


Drew Hart

SENIOR Darian Burgin helps up teammate, Sydney Sheppard, during their game against Turpin. The Lady Eagles defeated the Spartans 66-20, Burgin had four blocks and four assists.

For several years now, the girl’s basketball team at WHHS has been one of the school’s most successful teams.
In both 2018 and 2019, the Lady Eagles finished the season at 14-0 and at the top of the ECC conference.
This year, the team sits in second place at 12-2 with all the confidence that they need to fight to the top for their fourth straight ECC championship. At the forefront of that fight will be one of the girls top scorers, SENIOR Darian Burgin.
Burgin has been playing basketball for WHHS since seventh grade, and after many years of hard work and determination, she has emerged as one of the league’s top scorers and all around athletes for the last three years on varsity.
“The biggest struggle honestly was allowing myself, in my earlier years, to know in my heart I could run the show, or be a big time player for my team and I felt as if I could play a bigger role but letting the older ones play how they did and telling myself to just to keep working and wait for my time to do my thing,” SENIOR Darian Burgin said about her biggest struggle getting to where she is now.
Burgin is currently the second leading scorer on the Lady Eagles, behind SENIOR Sean Kelly-Darks who leads in the ECC with 18.9 points per game (PPG).
Burgin averages 18 PPG along with 2.3 assists per game (APG) and 3.7 rebounds per game (RPG). Burgin is not only a top scorer on the team but is also a great teammate.
“She’s taught me how to be a better leader and player. She deserves everything that comes her way. I’ve never seen her give up, she works so hard which inspires others,” Kaycie Badylak ‘22 said about her relationship with Burgin.
Earlier this fall, Burgin committed to play Division 1 basketball at Alabama A&M.

Just keep working on your game and never lose your confidence. Embrace your self doubt and let it put fire in you to do better, buy in and let the time fulfill its course”

— SENIOR Darian Burgin

“The most defining moment [of my basketball career] is me signing my letter of intent to play Division I basketball for free,” Burgin said.
“To be a female athlete in this school is a win-lose situation. It’s like you have those people who know about you and the team, and they really support us, but then there’s that larger portion who doesn’t care at all… We’re really good and I feel as if we deserve at least more recognition, if not an equal amount of love,” Burgin said.
As Burgin said, we need more support for our female sports teams at WHHS because our girls’ basketball team has been by far one of WHHS’ best teams over the last few years.
“The advice I would give any younger female athletes is… if it’s not going your way right now, it will be your way before it’s over. Just keep working on your game and never lose your confidence. Embrace your self doubt and let it put fire in you to do better, buy in and let the time fulfill its course. My senior year has been my best year here on the court, compare my stats from every year until this one and you’ll see what i’m talking about. Everybody’s time comes” Burgin said.
“Make sure y’all support us in the tourney, we have big dreams and goals. A ring in the chasing,” Burgin said.