Eagles reach to SOAR


Kate Stiens

When WHHS Staff reward students with Eagle Bucks, students earn a slip of paper representing the Eagle Buck which states the reason for earning it. The Eagle Buck is also entered online by the Staff member who assigned it. This way the credit is immediately sent to the SOAR Store.

Megan Scudder, Managing Editor of School Life

As a Walnut student or staff member the phrase “Eagle Bucks” should ring a bell. In previous years, the bucks were not a common occurrence. Teachers were not actively encouraged to engage with them; students may have been unsure as to what they were and the value behind Eagle Bucks. 

If a staff member rewarded a student with an Eagle Buck in prior years, the advantage of them would not stand out. This school year, however, Eagle Bucks have taken on a new role, alongside the founding of the SOAR Store. 

Students earn Eagle Bucks when being recognized by staff as going above and beyond expectations. Students can earn bucks in a variety of ways, from acts of kindness to inspire others to engage in class. Every classroom is required to have a poster outlining the benefits of Eagle Bucks as well as the requirements one should meet to obtain one. 

The rise of the bucks began with the action of the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS),  and specifically was a push from Meaghan Reed, second-year teacher at Walnut. 

 “I am a person with many passions, which led me to joining PBIS. I noticed that last year was still a big adjustment with the pandemic, and organizing things in a different way could help engage students more, so I reached out to the assistant principals with my ideas,” Reed said. 

In order to aid the connectivity of students with teachers and other staff, the PBIS rebranded Eagle Bucks to feel more valuable to students. The bucks can be cashed in at the “SOAR Store,” where students can save up Eagle Bucks to cash in for various prizes from Walnut bumper stickers, to merchandise and even prom tickets. With the value of  Eagle Bucks rising, the motivation to earn one has increased among the student body. 

The motive may differ among PBIS members, but Reed shared a common goal among the members, 

“We want to create a positive and uplifting environment. Everyone appreciates being rewarded. It’s important that the kids see school, not as just a place to sit and listen, but a place to feel safe and at home,” Reed said. 

This system is planned to continue throughout the year. Whether you are an Effie or a SENIOR, it is beneficial for students to be recognized for the contributions they make in their school environment.