Fine Arts clubs coming to WHHS


Marwa Khzir

In the previous year, before Mural Club was officially a separate club from Art Club, they had painted the bathrooms in the science wing.

With new clubs coming to WHHS every year, there is a struggle for them to find their voice through the many club options available to students throughout the campus.

Mural Club, an extension of Art Club, is one of the many upcoming new fine art clubs. 

“Initially it started out just painting walls and stuff, but I think now we’ll also fundraise to raise money for organizations,” Sana Sukjia, ‘24, the president of Mural club said.

Artistic talent is not necessary when joining this club.

“It’s like another club for people to bond together and if you’re interested in something specifically, Art Club has a wide range of opportunities,” Sukjia said.  

Along with meeting new people interested in the arts, joining Mural Club also brings important strengths to students.

“I think a lot of team building community and like, just how to communicate with people [since] we’re starting a lot of new things and communication with people is really important,” Sukjia said. 

The mural club will meet in Ms. Henderson’s room, 2713, every Wednesday from three to four.

In addition to Mural Club, two other upcoming fine art clubs, Knitting, and Acapella Club, are also options for WHHS students interested. 

“I started knitting over the pandemic and I really enjoyed it. I started donating things I made and I thought other people might be interested in doing the same thing,” SENIOR Avery Littman, president of Knitting Club, said. 

Many of the items made during Knitting Club will be donated, for example, Hospice of Cincinnati, a nonprofit that gives comfort and care to seriously ill patients, accepts knitted toys, and during seasonal occasions, they will take hats or gloves for distribution.

“You can come to learn how to knit or just for fun, and our main purpose is to donate items, [but] that’s not really necessary if you don’t want to,” Littman said. 

Knitting Club also known as Walknits, meets in Mr. Boshears’s room, 1603, every Wednesday from three to four.

Acapella Club, the last new addition to WHHS, meets in the choir room, 2840, every Monday from three to four. While already having had auditions, there may be another opportunity to join during the winter. 

“We just want to make this a stress-free environment. Where people can have fun and sing,” Logan Symson, ‘24, co-president of Acapella Club said. 

Volunteer opportunities are available for singing at nursing homes, hospitals and other various locations during the weekends. While the club is also considering hosting choir competitions, they are not yet official for this school year. 

“We’re planning on doing karaoke nights, fundraisers for the school and after-school performances and concerts,” Symson said.  

One of the many goals that the Acapella club wants to achieve is improving singers’ confidence. 

“By building confidence in acapella, we want people to be more comfortable with their own voice,” Marie Flessa, ‘24, co-president of Acapella Club said.