New teachers to WHHS

Lindsey Stelzer


Megan Scudder

Stelzer is enjoying the change after teaching at Turpin from the very beginning of her career up until last year. She is getting more personal time to be with her kids, and is loving that.

Max Blessing

Lindsey Stelzer is a new math teacher at WHHS, coming from Turpin high school. She is a passionate teacher and comes to school every day because of her love of math and her students.

Stelzer talked about the differences between WHHS and Turpin, which included tech usage, and how the people are.

The first day, what struck me the most was how nice the students were, people were thanking me, just so sweet, encouraging and welcoming,” Emily Henderson.

Stelzer decided to come to WHHS because she needed a change after 21 years of teaching at Turpin. She also explained that WHHS is quite different from Turpin.

“I came to Walnut for a lot of reasons; I needed a change; it was too great of an opportunity to pass up, and I felt it was best for me and my family.”

Outside of school, Stelzer enjoys spending time with her children, a kindergartner and a second grader. She enjoys walking her kids to school once a week.

“One thing that was really cool, that also tipped the scale of coming to Walnut, is the flexibility piece. Even though I’m busy, I still want to take advantage of things [like] walking my kids to school.

Stelzer has her own, ‘crazy’ story about why she became a teacher.

“A teacher my junior year who told me that she was going to retire in five years, which meant that I would be out of college in five years, and we jokingly said, ‘I’m gonna take your job.’ Then she retired and I did take her job and the [whole] thing was just kind of crazy.”