Looking back on the eighth grade student council


Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Stephenson

The student council meets every two weeks. Their last meeting will be in May to finalize eighth grade preparation. As some members prepare to go into freshman student council.

After returning to in-person school, the pandemic left a lot of holes to fill. People did not know where students would be in terms of education, mental health and in-person communication. That is where the eighth grade student council came in, their one goal is to bring everyone together after months apart. This is looking back at all the student council has accomplished this school year. 


The dodgeball game was the first of the student council-led events. It was at the start of the school year when seventh graders had different teachers, a different environment and a new workload, and eighth graders had to apply that workload to a new set of faces and settings. 


This event, designed for both grades to intermingle, got students’ attention. Even though the eighth graders took the win, both grades got to come together and pack the nuthouse in a lighthearted start to the year.

They followed this up with a party that has been in the works since the summer. The Boogie Bash would be the first dance that the student council had to set up, and they were determined to make it a success. The student council arrived on set half an hour early to set up the floor using newly bought materials, as well as old ones from the previous Boogie Bash. 


The entire council got together with designated roles, such as costume judges, music curators, set-up teams and the chaperone coordination team. It was a massive team effort for the student council and created a new experience, not just for the middle schoolers who were unable to have their own dance, but for those who curated and saw the dance come together. 


The next event they planned followed the theme of connection, with the council planning a holiday card-writing celebration. They invited their peers to come join them and write out cards for every holiday and hand them to hospitalized children. The setup was meant to hang out and focus on giving to the community.


There is so much more to come for the batch of eighth-graders who are planning on moving on to freshman student council. “It’s always kind of sad because I enjoy student council… it’s a community of people that you know, you’re going to come back to next year,” Caroline Lovelace, ‘26, said. “Ending off it’s a lot of reflection, looking back on the year and passing it on to the seventh graders who will be next year’s us.”