Euphoria Perspectives

The HBO series “Euphoria” has swept the nation, and their teenage viewership is leading the fandom. The show follows the drama-filled lives of several high school students.  The common themes of drug use, sex, mental health, struggle with addiction and friendships keep watchers coming back for more. We asked WHHS what they thought about the popular TV show. In response to the question of “who is your favorite character,” survey results reveal Fezco, the kind hearted, school-dropout drug dealer, as being voted #1, followed by Maddy and Lexi. Maddy, although she is always in the center of drama, is simply iconic. As for “best couple,” Lexi and Fez won with a clear majority at 64% of survey takers, Rue and Jules taking second place. For most toxic couple, Nate and Maddy won no question; their relationship has had ups and downs at extreme levels. Best style goes to Maddy with her New Years outfit getting the most recognition.