The undefeated Academic Quiz Team


Hannah Campbell

The junior high Academic Team has an eight match winning streak, and are ready to head to Nationals for the first time. “We feel like we can really make some noise at nationals,” Jackson Riddle ‘26 said.

The JH WHHS Academic Quiz Team is a force to be reckoned with. They didn’t lose a single match this entire season and they won the Eastern Cincinnati Conference championship. The team was ranked #9 in the  state of Ohio according to the National Academic Quiz Tournaments. Nikolai Fedorov ‘26, a member of the team when asked what it takes to win the National Championship, he said “If we work hard, and if we study hard, then we’re a dangerous team. You do not want to mess with the Walnut Hills eagles.” 

There are four rounds played in each match. The first two rounds are the same, each team is asked a question and if they answer incorrectly then the other team has a chance to answer the question. The third round is the alphabet round: each answer starts with a certain letter given by the moderator. Lastly, the lighting round is when anyone from either team can answer the question that is asked. 

According to the members, joining the team has its benefits. “I joined it because it was fun,” Ben Jump ‘27 said. “It’s nice being with a group of people that all like the same thing.” Players have joined the team because it boosted their morale and improved their academic performance in school.

To prepare for the next upcoming matches, the team will review questions from prior matches or use online services, such as Protobowl, that mimic the questions that will be asked.

“You’ve got to be able to learn a variety of topics,” Ben Jump ‘27, said. “That was probably the hardest part.”

The JH team is going to take on nationals in May. Last year, the group qualified for nationals but was put on a wait list. This is the first time in WHHS history that the team will compete in nationals.

“A quote that describes our team’s desire to win is ‘I came, I saw, I conquered,’” Jackson Riddle ‘26, said.