JH students reflect on first experiences with exams


Jack Davis

Mr. Taylor’s 4th Bell class working in the Library classroom.

This past semester had a rare feat as it was 7th and 8th graders’ first time taking exams because this year’s E-flats, (last year’s Effies), missed out due to the pandemic and online learning.

Now with first semester exams behind us, and semester two exams to come, some JH students have taken time to self-reflect and revise their studying habits. These students hope to relieve the stress that comes with exams. It can be a very anxious time for students leading up to finals, especially when it counts for 20% of their semester grade.

They have shared these revisions so even more students can succeed later this May.

“Don’t overwhelm yourself, it does more bad than good,” Adelaide Linser, ‘26, said.

On the other hand not all JH students had poor studying habits.

”I think reviewing old tests and old homework helped me remember things we had learned for the exam,” Subham Dahal, ‘26, said.

Students are all working towards the same goal but have different methods of getting there.

“Going through all my notes and rewriting most of them [helped],” Linser said.

Though studying is important, it’s also important to take breaks and take care of yourself.

“While studying I didn’t get much sleep and sometimes skipped meals, which wore down my physical and mental health,” Terrell Hooker, ‘27, said.

While some students study alone others seek out their parents and teachers for help.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, it does more bad than good.”

— Adelaide Linser ‘26

“My mom [helped me] and a few of my teachers went over things in class,” Daniea Neilhelisel-Roberts, ‘27, said.
Having places where students can go to get extra help, such as the Student Success Center inside the arts and science wing at WHHS, has proven to be very useful. Students like Neihelisel-Roberts utilized this in studying time before exams.

Quiet places where students can have privacy while studying is also something that students find helpful.

“I have an office type space in my closet and I can lock the door and it’s quiet,” Linser said.

Most students agree studying about a week before finals is a good time to start. Some students didn’t go in with a lot of experience with tests and exams before coming to WHHS, especially Linser, who went to Sands Montessori before.

When asked if she had exams at her old school, Linser responded, “No, we rarely had any type of test or quiz.”
While some students find that their teachers and parents can be helpful in studying for exams, other students seek out their fellow classmates and friends.
“You should study with your classmates/friends because you can share each other’s knowledge,” Dahal said.