Chambers in charge

John Chambers is the first Black principal of WHHS. Chambers took on the role as principal in 2017, and since then has been able to make an impact on WHHS’ diverse community. 

Chambers first worked as an assistant principal here, but previously had roles both in the classroom and in administration at several other local schools including Aiken and Western Hills.  

Despite working in other schools, Chambers feels the most at home here at WHHS.

“You don’t get very many places where you will have a whole cheering section for the robotics team,” Chambers said. “It’s the students that make me love it here.”

Beyond just school spirit, the diversity here at WHHS is something that Chambers is particularly proud of. 

“Our kids come from so many different backgrounds, so many different neighborhoods so many different socio-economic groups, it’s like having all those different experiences here in one building,” Chambers said.

As a Black man, Chambers recognizes the importance of his position even more and makes it a priority to always consider the experience of Black students. 

“[I want to be] that voice for African American students to ensure that they feel welcomed as a part of the WHHS community,” Chambers said. “It’s about making sure that students of color have just as much access to all courses and all of the opportunities that we have to offer as any other student.”