Making his Mark on the Community


Madisyn Ellis

The students in AP Environmental Science are devoted to saving the planet one recycled item at a time. Between Marching Band and his many clubs, Bryce is making a name for himself all while being Sophomore class president.

Bryce Agyapong,’24, was hopeful that his campaign for class president would prove successful, but being that this was his first year, he wasn’t sure. In a positive turn of events, he won the election. 

“I was hopeful [that I would win], but I wasn’t 100 percent sure,” Agyapong said. 

Agyapong’s interest in student council was influenced by his political career goals.

“I want to be a US Senator,” Agyapong said. “If I become the president that wouldn’t be too bad either.” 

Agyapong would also like to continue participating in student government through his post high school education. “I want to be able to be there for people who can’t necessarily voice their opinion,” Agyapong said. 

Agyapong also participates in political campaigns due to his interest in politics. “I think that it’s a crucial part of our society today and how it can influence and help people,”Agyapong said. 

Agyapong is a member of the marching band, Model UN, the student ambassadors and secretary of the French Club. Outside of school Agyapong also runs a business, which is currently going through a rebranding period. 

“[Having a business has] taught me some lessons in patience and willingness and the ability to work with people,” Agyapong said. 

Through his leadership and involvement in the school community Agyapong has been able to connect with his peers in ways he wouldn’t otherwise be able to. 

“[These extracurriculars] allow for me to connect with others in a way that’s different than classroom connections can be,” Agyapong said.