Student spreads Halloween spirit at WHHS


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The Halloween Horror Creative Writing contest allows for all WHHS students to submit a creative horror story for all of their fellow peers to vote on.

The Halloween Horror Creative Writing contest calls any WHHS students to write a creative horror story and enter it into a competition.

Stories were to be submitted by Oct. 22 and voting ended on Oct. 31.

“[I want] people to share their stories in a more creative and fun way,” leader of the contest, Daniel Ruff, ’24, said.

This is the second edition of the Halloween Horrors Creative Writing contest. Ruff started the contest during remote learning to get people involved during a year with little interaction between students.

“I just wanted to give people something to do for them as writers,” Ruff said.

With this being the second year of the contest, Ruff noticed how more students are writing stories this year compared to last year. He believes students are putting more effort into composing a story because their spirits are lifting after a disappointing year.

Once students have written their stories and submitted them on Ruff’s website, they are then voted for by other students for the chance for the winner to win a prize. To Ruff, students voting for their peers’ stories is very important to promote fairness.

“I don’t want to be blamed for favoriting somebody’s story,” Ruff said.

Cultivating fairness in his contest is essential to Ruff. Last year, some of the impartiality was taken away. For the contest in October of 2020, Ruff released the stories to be voted upon right away, meaning the first stories released got the most votes.

“I didn’t like that, because it wasn’t fair. This year, I release [the stories] at the same time for everybody to see them,” Ruff said.

However, Ruff has also kept some aspects of the way the contest was run last year.

Ruff recounts that it was fun giving feedback to writers during the previous contest – and many contestants liked it. Ruff provided corrections and compliments to writers who submitted stories.

“I want to help writers who are currently learning how to write,” Ruff said.

Ruff also has an influence in his life who helps him to become a better writer. He says that his mom acts as a critic for him. He shares stories with her and she gives him notes on things to change.

Ruff also has extensive experience with writing, specifically his horror writing. He notes that during remote learning, he worked on improving his writing skills and has become a better writer because of it. Ruff recounts on his accomplishments during his time away from school.

“I’ve typed out like 12 stories that I’ve written over the years.” Ruff said.

As Ruff continues to lead the Halloween Horror Creative Writing competition, his connection to writing continues to motivate him.

“Ever since I was little I have liked to write,” Ruff said, “It’s not the horror that I like, it’s the weird stuff that comes from me. It gives us dramatic endings.”