Letter from the Editor


Bobby Keegan addresses the recent violent activity surrounding the neighborhood of Evanston.

Dear Walnut Hills High School Community,

Over the past several weeks, the community of Evanston has suffered a great deal of crime in close proximity to our school. The Chatterbox staff acknowledges the loss this community has suffered and has engaged in intentional conversations regarding how we as a publication can use our platform to support the community through this difficult time.

As a publication, we encourage students, outside of the Chatterbox staff, to address these events and their feelings behind them. If you are interested in having your voice heard by the community then you can write a letter to the editor regarding your personal thoughts and perspective behind conflicts occurring throughout the year.

In order to do this, simply write out your thoughts in any academic form and send them to the Chatterbox e-mail address: cboxwalnut@gmail.com. Those emails will come directly to me, and I will review your letter to consider it for our next print issue.

On a seemingly lighter note, the WHHS community is still busier than ever with new events coming and going every week. Fall sports are coming to an end as our Eagles enter the tournament season, the theatre department is preparing for their highly anticipated “Rhinoceros” show in November and the music department is working on their first performances since returning to school.

It’s quite the stressful time for SENIORS around the school as college application deadlines are approaching and students reflect back upon their last first quarter at WHHS.

As a publication we work diligently throughout the year to cover a diverse set of student events, issues and perspectives. If you have any critiques or things you’d like to see covered more/ less I would strongly encourage you to fill out the “Chatter Back” survey on the last page of every issue.

Bobby Keegan