A booster in extra credit: a guide to artwork competitions for middle schoolers


Photo Courtesy of: RoamingPro/Pixabay

As first semester midterms come to an end here are several competitions that Effie’s and E-Flats can engage in for a confidence and resume booster.

Every creator needs to find their muse, and student art competitions are a great way to do it with several prizes and resume boosters.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

There are many Scholastic Awards to watch for, such as the Best-in Grade award, which offers $500 nationally for two artists and writers with original pieces. 

The Herblock Award offers $1,000 scholarships to three students who create visual commentary or criticism on current pop culture and political current events. 

The New York Life Award is about grief and loss and provides a $500 scholarship for two students who explore their anguish in writing. 

The One Earth Award offers four scholarships worth $1,000 to individuals who write a 50 word personal statement on climate change. 

The Civic Expression Award offers a $1,000  scholarship to six students who write a 50 word or more personal statement on a political or social topic. 

Submission fees for The Scholastic Art and Writing Award are $7 per person and the deadline to enter is Dec. 9. 

Advena World Children’s Art Competition

A freestyle artwork competition for those 12-15 years old. You can submit paintings, drawings and other original artwork. There is a $35 entry fee and it gives you an opportunity to create art of family, friends, dreams and current events. 

Submissions end Nov. 27, 2021. 

World Photography Youth Competition

This is a free photography contest for those ages 12 and up who gives a chance to gain exposure on the World Photography website. If you make it up the ranks, there is an opportunity to earn $25,000 in Sony equipment. The theme of the month is Culture and Travel. There are six categories to pick from to explore the topic: Composition and Design, Culture and Travel, Landscape, Open Call, Portraiture, Street Photography, Wildfire and Nature. 

Capture distinctive experiences from home or away from home. It can be anything from a person to an inanimate object. What story does it tell about the culture around us? It’s a fun and immersive competition to join. Submissions end Sept. 30, 2021.