The Pay Off – Junior High football


Margaret Wealer

Number 8, Braylon Dennis, is a Wide-receiver on the 7th grade football team. The team practiced and conditioned 2 days a week throughout the summer and now 4 days a week since school is back in session. Dennis is pumped for the season as he says “I’m excited and it’s just super fun to play.”

While the WHHS football players are mid-season, junior high teams are trying to hone all the practice they’ve been having and use it to get their first win. Both junior high teams have the same record of 0-4 after their game at Kings High School.

“It’s been going good but we haven’t won yet.” Braylon Dennis, ‘27 said. “It’s been fun though.”

Both teams practice together during the school year, in addition to spending their summer training. During the summer, both teams practiced on Tuesdays and Thursdays, conditioning and working on plays and routes.

“We talk about what we need to do better after every game.” Dennis said, “And before a game we talk and prepare for it.”

The teams started off a little small but once it came around school time, a lot more people started joining and the team is improving because of it. 

“And the team developed a lot more with conditioning and things like that.” Dennis said. “If you want to join the football team then join it because we need people.”

Middle school coaches Howard Birl, Eghosasere Sherman and Travis Tompkins are excited to watch the team progress as the season continues.

“They’re good coaches.” Dennis said, “They put us right in the positions to make plays and it’s just up to us to execute them.”

If you want to catch their next games, they play Oct. 6 at Loveland Middle School and the next home game against West Clermont High School is on Oct. 13. More details on the WHHS Athletic’s website.