Back to School Fashion


Kate Stiens

Ella Vaughn ‘23, Brooklyn Shafer ‘23, Adeleigh Karoutchi ‘23, Sophie Christian ‘23, Jackson Prus ‘23, Annalise Smith ‘23

Back to school fashion is better than ever this year. Sitting at home all day for classes on a screen last year, most students didn’t bother to change out of their pajamas. Some may have enjoyed the ability to do that, but the fashionistas of WHHS were craving opportunities to wear their favorite outfits and express themselves through fashion.

WHHS is full of stylish students. When walking the halls you see a wide variety of outfits: extravagant and bold patterns and color pallets, to more leisure-centric outfits like the classic sweats and a T-shirt. 

As much as I love burying myself in a cozy pair of sweatpants and oversized hoodie, the trendy and unique styles are the ones that stand out at WHHS.

Adeleigh Karoutchi ‘23, never fails to impress. As an artist, her creativity shines through not only her artwork but also in her style. Karoutchi plays with all types of layering and color schemes but always manages to execute. 

Ella Vaughn ‘23, also shows outstanding creativity with her outfits. She enjoys playing with a more earthy color tone, but she always coordinates colors from head to toe.

Although Vaughn and Karoutchi demonstrate elevated style in many of their outfits, many people do not know how to improve their style.

How should I elevate my style for back to school? 

Tip 1: Layering is one of the best ways to elevate an outfit, and can be seen all over WHHS. The most common way to layer is with button ups, which are very in right now. Oversized button ups paired with something cropped underneath and some high waisted bottoms creates layers beautifully, and when fall comes around, toss on a jacket to balance everything out.

Tip 2: Bagginess is very popular right now, whether baggy pants or oversized tops, but being able to style it right is what will make your outfit stand out. Typically, baggy on baggy is not the most flattering, however people can make it work if they are going for the grunge look (for example oversized graphic tee with baggy denim).  If you want an elevated look, try a more fitted or cropped top with baggy pants, or the opposite, so your waist doesn’t get lost, and the outfit looks more cohesive.

Where should I shop?

As funny as it sounds, many of the people I found with great style shop at thrift stores. You can find so many unique pieces there, you just have to know how to style them correctly.