Letter from the Editor


Bobby Keegan introduces himself as the Chatterbox Editor-In-Chief for the 2021-2022 school year.

Yo Yo Walnut, Welcome back!

For the first time in 565 days, the Chatterbox is back on the newsstands in the halls of WHHS.

As you flip through the pages of today’s issue you are becoming part of the history of a student news publication that has been around through just about everything. 

In the 98 year history of this paper we have covered World Wars, the swearing in of roughly 16 different presidents, we have covered football since before the first Super Bowl and we have been covering the events of WHHS since before the Supreme Court affirmed student press rights granted through the First Amendment.

After a difficult 2020-21 school year, you can now add “global pandemic” to the list of events that our small but mighty publication has fought through and worked diligently to cover. 

As a publication we had issues removed from newsstands by past administrators and been criticized by community members. Nevertheless, we have overcome the obstacles that history has laid out for us, and I have no doubt that as a publication we will come out of the pandemic stronger than ever before. 

What I love most about the history of the Chatterbox is that every issue has a new story to tell. I am approximately the 113th editor-in-chief in the history of this student newspaper and my goal is to tell as many of your stories as we can. 

As a student of WHHS, I see it as a great opportunity to attend a school with such diversity and opportunity. We have 42 different sports offered, 74 different clubs and every student stemming from different backgrounds and cultures. We have 2,761 students walking these halls on a daily basis, even more with the faculty, and every student has a story–and that story deserves to be told. 

My name is Bobby Keegan and I have been granted the great opportunity to serve as your editor-in-chief this year. I feel a great responsibility to uphold the high standards set by the great student journalists in this role before me. 

We have a small but dedicated staff working on the Chatterbox this year and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are all so excited to see you reading the physical paper this year. 

However, our content stretches much further than just the pages of the paper. After a year of being remote, we have made major strides in advancing our website, whhscbox.com. With our website, I hope to regularly post breaking news as well as series of podcasts and videos. 

Here at the Chatterbox we have established a tight-knit family-type atmosphere, and I would love to welcome whoever is interested into that family. If you are one of those people, then you can join the Chatterbox as a club member. We meet every Tuesday after school in room 2306. 

Finally, I’d like to recognize the SENIOR Chatterboxers of last school year. These are the people who truly inspired me to be where I am today. None of what this staff has put together would have been possible without their great inspiration and influence. I know that each of them wishes they could have been able to publish a physical paper last year to celebrate their final year on staff, but they were not able to as a result of the pandemic. All that we do this year is thanks to them.


Thank You all for supporting us
Bobby Keegan, Editor-In-Chief