Coming together for the Club Fair


Brooklyn Shafer

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance show their pride with decorative posters and bright colors at the annual Club Fair.

The Club Fair on Sept. 3 was a huge success in the WHHS community and the perfect thing to get the Eagles back in full swing, after spending nearly a full year in virtual school. The annual fair allows many clubs to gain exposure among returning WHHS students and students who have not experienced a full year of in-person learning.  

The fair was held on Blair Circle and all clubs set up with signs and poster boards showcasing their unique missions and activities. Students stood at their make-shift booths getting people interested and sharing all of the information they could about their clubs. Student congress organized this event and they were very proud of the outcome. 

“The turnout was amazing and so many students were excited,” SENIOR Student Body President Melanie Mitchell said, “With COVID restrictions putting clubs in difficult situations, I knew how important it was that the Club Fair was prominent this year.” 

SENIOR Gwen Schumann and Sophia Dodds, ‘24, members of Sci-Fi and Fantasy club, are very excited to be back in-person for their club meetings. “We’ve handled the transition back really well,” Schumann said. “Now we get to expand back to the things we used to do.” 

Many clubs have organized their events for the year and they shared their goals with students who stopped by their booths to get them excited to join in on the fun. 

With COVID restrictions putting clubs in difficult situations, I knew how important it was that the Club Fair was prominent this year. ”

— SENIOR Melanie Mitchell

Their plan is to continue all of their sci-fi movie watching along with some special “bad movie night” events and to foster an inclusive sci-fi community for all students at WHHS.

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) has a similar goal, but theirs regards students looking for a place to explore their sexuality and gender.  

SENIOR Thea Sears said that GSA’s mission is to create “a safe and informational space for young gay people, trans people and maybe even allies.” In doing so, they give students a space in which they can be themselves, without disrespect or judgment.

While the GSA is a primarily information-based club, Books for Kids is another club getting out and doing something good for the community.

SENIOR Aubrey Lauer talked about making personalized books for kids who are residents at Children’s Hospital. The club pairs writers and illustrators up with a child and they make all of their wildest dreams come true on the pages of their very own book. 

While these are only a few of the clubs that attended this year, the club fair was such a great way to come out of the pandemic and expose students to the endless possibilities for extracurriculars here at WHHS.