Celebrity baby names: have they gone too far?


Photo courtesy of: Grimes/Twitter

Grimes explained the meaning behind the name of her and Elon Musk’s newborn X Ӕ A-12.

Celebrities have given their children a fair share of crazy names over the years. From Pilot Inspektor to Blue Ivy, there is no telling what new name a celebrity will give their child. 


Here are 27 wacky celebrity baby names, ranked by a survey of 43 WHHS students. 

  • X Ӕ A-12

With 39 votes, X Ӕ A-12 takes the cake for the craziest name. X Ӕ A-12 is the son of Elon Musk and Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes. 

  • Pilot Inspektor

Pilot Inspektor, the son of Beth Riesgraf and Jason Lee, was the runner-up with a total of 31 votes for craziest name. 

  • Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva Thin Muffin

Siblings Moon Unit, Dweezil and Diva Thin Muffin rounded out the top three craziest names, receiving 26 votes. Adelaide Gail Zappa and Frank Zappa are responsible for the unconventional titles. 

  • Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Buddy Bear, Petal Blossom Rainbow

Fourth in the rankings was Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Buddy Bear and Petal Blossom Rainbow, the children of Juliette Norton and Jamie Oliver. 23 people considered the names some of the craziest. 

  • Cricket Pearl, Birdie Leigh

Cricket Pearl and Birdie Leigh received 20 votes, and are the children of Marc Silverstein and Busy Philipps. 

  • Gravity

The first in a three-way tie for the sixth spot on the list was Gravity, daughter of Lucky Blue Smith and Stormi Bree. Each child in the tie had 18 votes. 

  • Bear Blu

Bear Blue is the son of Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki. 

  • Bear Blaze 

Bear Blaze is the son of Kate Winslet and Edward Abel Smith. 

  • Lazer Lee Louis Pentz

In the seventh position is Lazer Lee Louis Pentz, with 17 votes. Parents Kathryn Lockhart and Thomas Pentz, known musically as Diplo, are responsible for the unconventional name. 

  • Apple

Daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, Apple earned 16 votes for craziest name. 

  • Exton

Also receiving 16 votes was Exton, son of Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey. 

  • Aleph

In a tie for ninth, Aleph got 16 votes for the craziest name on the list. Aleph is the son of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millipied. 

  • Fuschia

Fuschia, daughter of Frances Tomelty and Sting, also received 16 votes. 

  • Raddix

In the tenth spot was Raddix, with 13 votes. Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz gave their daughter Raddix her unconventional name. 

  • Kal-El

The name Kal-El was one of two to bring in 12 votes. Kal-El was dubbed such by his parents Alice Kim and Nic Cage. 

  • Kulture Kiari

 Daughter of Cardi B and Offset, Kulture Kiari also received 12 votes for craziest name. 

  • Satchel

Satchel is the daughter of Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee, and earned 11 votes.

  • Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue, Rhiannon

Siblings Rocket, Racer, Rebel, Rogue and Rhianon also got 11 votes. Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellán are the children’s parents. 

  • Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy is the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and got 10 votes. 

  • Bingham

Also receiving 10 votes was Bingham, son of Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy. 

  • Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence

The only name to receive 9 votes was Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence. Rosalind is the daughter of Arpad Busson and Uma Thurman.

  • Destry

Destry, daughter of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, got 8 votes for her unconventional name. 

  • Sparrow James Midnight

Tying in the sixteenth position with 6 votes was Sparrow James Midnight. Sparrow’s parents are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. 

  • Moroccan, Monroe

The siblings Moroccan and Monroe also got 6 votes, and are the children of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. 

  • Rumer, Scout, Tallulah Belle

Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Belle got 5 votes for craziest names. Parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore gave their children such names. 

  • Memphis Eve

Memphis Eve, daughter of Bono and Ali Hewson, also received 5 votes. 

  • Elsie Otter

Finally, Elsie Otter was deemed the least crazy name, receiving 4 votes. Elsie is the daughter of Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel. 


In the same survey, students were asked their opinions on unconventional names for children and their own names. 


Leo Fenton, ‘22, said, “I think people should think about the names they give their kids, especially celebrities, and try to imagine the future for them with that kind of name. I don’t think celebrities think past the idea of headlines with their child’s name on it, honestly.”


Similarly, Corinne Adams, ‘24, said, “Those kids are going to grow up and have job interviews and college applications… they’re a whole lot harder when you have a horrible name of just random letters and numbers,” and Diabou Fall, ‘24, thinks that celebrities “really just want something that they think people will remember and buzz about.” 


Not everyone shares this sentiment, however. Grey Curioso, ‘25 said, “I don’t have a problem with it, people can name their children whatever they so please.” Julianna DiBenedetto, ‘23, had similar thoughts and said, “I don’t care as long as I know how to pronounce the name. How someone names their child is none of my business.”


Students were also asked their opinions on their own names, as well as if they had any unconventional name ideas for their own future children. 


Tien Dao, ‘24, wants to name her future child “Didi.” Mya Heard, ‘25 said, “I don’t think they are ‘unconventional’ per say, but I like the names Lumine and Aether.” 


Speaking on their own names, Khaya Dixon-Webb, ‘25, said, “I love it, it is a tree in Africa, but the tree is used for many things and is giving and supporting a lot of things and is very meaningful.” 


Khara Rosebrook, ‘24, also likes their name, and said, “I love it! It’s very unique in comparison to popular names nowadays, and it also means “joy” in Greek, which is my mom’s name!”


Not all students love their names that much, though. Rachel Godshalk, ‘22, added that, “My name is pretty basic I think, sometimes I feel like it would be fun to have a more unique name, but I still like mine.” Lainey Alley, ‘24 said, “It’s kind of boring so maybe something different could be cool.”


Overall, names are perceived differently by everyone, and are generally a topic that create a lot of discussion. Celebrity baby names in particular may seem to get out of hand, but at the end of the day it is the parents’ decision what they think their child should be called. And, of course, if anyone doesn’t like their given name, they can legally change it upon reaching the age of 18.