New future for the Walnut Hills Football program


Photo courtesy of: James Crook

James Edward Crook III was hired as WHHS new head football coach in November of 2020. “I’m excited to get around my players and start our off season program. I’m also excited about being a part of the WHHS community,” Crook said.

James Crook III, previously the assistant defensive coach for Princeton’s football team, has recently been hired as WHHS new head football coach. 


In late November of 2020, Gary Beauchamp stepped down as head football coach at WHHS after four years of being an inspirational and driven mentor for his athletes. 


Beauchamp still plans on helping the WHHS players with recruiting and assisting the athletes planning their futures. 


Stepping into Beauchamps place, Crook is excited to become a part of the WHHS community and be a leader for our very own  Eagles. 


Crook, a graduate of Roger Bacon High School, has had the desire to be a head coach for some time now and is grateful to be fulfilling it at WHHS. 


“This is a perfect opportunity for Coach Crook,” Princeton head coach Mike Daniels said in an interview with WCPO, “I’m so happy and proud of him. He came to me two years ago with the dream of being a head coach.” 


Both Crook and Daniels believe WHHS will be an environment where Crook can express his talents and hard work. 


“I felt like WHHS would give me the best chance to be a successful head football coach,” Crook said when asked what inclined him to interview for the job. 


As he prepares to become a successful head coach within the WHHS football team, Crook has established a list of goals that he hopes to achieve alongside the athletes.


“Three team goals: League Championship. Team Unity. Classroom success,” Crook said.


Both students and players can expect Crook to be a leader in the community. “I’m a very open person. I like to talk and get to know everyone. Even non football players. I’m just an outgoing guy,” Crook said. 


Since 2012, the WHHS football team has never finished better than fifth in the ECC, Crook hopes to change this narrative with a fresh start for the program.


“Students should be excited about coming to games because I plan to build a winning culture in the football program. I would love for all the students to come and support!” Crook said.


Since Crook was hired at the beginning of the year, players have had a chance to meet with him, both virtually and in person. 


“Virtually, my first impression of him was good. He seems very chill and when explaining the new program he had a big focus on college sports and getting kids there,” Makan Sacko, ‘23 said, “He definitely has had more involvement, trying to get players scholarships and taking initiative.”


“I’d just like to thank everyone in the WHHS community for welcoming me with welcome arms. I feel the love and support and I appreciate that,” Crook said.