WHHS students reflect on February’s record snowfall


Delaney Owens

Cincinnati received several inches of snow in February.

Living in Cincinnati usually comes with cool and dry winters, but every once in a while, there is a big snow. Many people have to adjust to the icy roads, snow-filled driveways and cold weather before it is gone within days but with long lasting effects.  

This big snow affected the day-to-day lives of students at WHHS during two weeks in February, with many of them going out to enjoy the abundance of snow in many different ways. While the deep snow can be a challenge to deal with and navigate for some, students have alike and contrasting opinions on if they enjoy the snow. 

I personally really like winter and don’t like summer because it’s too hot. I don’t like wearing summer clothes,” Zosia Vogan, ‘26 said. “I love the snow too it’s just fun to play in and I guess I like it because I like bundling up and coming back in and it being warm and nice.” 

While there are some who love this snow there are others who do not like this snow and think its a problem, like Chara Sarr, ‘25, who said, “I absolutely despise it in every way because I hate being cold and I hate having to have the thermostat cranked up to 85 all of the time.” 

Whether or not they hate or love this weather, many WHHS students have gone out to enjoy the inches of snow in some manner. The ways that people enjoyed the snow were varied, whether it be sledding down a hill or building a snowman, students have found many ways to enjoy this weather. 

When asked what they would rather do in the snow, the choice of going sledding is what most of the surveyed students voted for, with staying inside and enjoying the warmth being the second most picked option.

 “The best thing was going on a big hill with my siblings and sledding together down it and crashing at the bottom,” Helena Joo, ‘26, said. 

Sledding isn’t the only thing students here enjoy doing in the snow as many students really like building with all of the snow, whether it be a snowman, an igloo or something entirely different. “I made a snow alien and my dog started fighting it,” Sofia Cail, ‘26, said. 

Despite what anyone’s experience was with the large amount of snowfall here in Cincinnati, it is safe to say that this amount of snow might rarely be seen in the future. The last time this large amount of snow has ever fallen in the Cincinnati area was back on Feb. 4, 1998, over 20 years ago.