Inside the Eagle Flyer


Kimaya Mundhe

The Eagle Flyer newsletter has become an important source of school news in this unusual school year.

WHHS’ newsletter, the Eagle Flyer, started publishing three years ago. The flyer is emailed out to parents every two weeks and posted on WHHS’s website. It informs parents and students about events around the school, upcoming dates and any other information they might need for the upcoming weeks.

Recently updates on WHHS’ blended learning plans were sent out in a special edition on the Eagle Flyer. As of now, plans to continue the current remote schedule are in place as described in the flyer families received on Feb. 9.

Assistant Principal Kathleen Restle started the Eagle Flyer.

“People throughout the building send us information throughout the week just about things going on at school. All of the administrators are just constantly looking for things. I think we really raised awareness of things that could go onto the Eagle Flyer,” Restle said.

The Eagle Flyer also has the Principal John Chambers’ weekly message.

“We get the principal’s message from Mr. Chambers so he helps with that part, and then as I said I usually keep things in a file folder that need to go into the Eagle Flyer so it’s really just a matter of taking that information and then sometimes rewording it or making it a little bit more concise,” Restle said.

The Eagle Flyer is mainly aimed at parents, but it is also emailed to students. 

It’s nice to get some information on what’s going on with school,” Abigail Scott, ‘23, said.

The Eaglette Flyer is a newsletter designed specifically for students. It is emailed out each week by Assistant Principal Ashley Morgan. It tells students about events happening in their classrooms, important announcements, and spirit days. 

“What we try not to do is put in just information that pertains to a really small subgroup of students because we know that we also have the Eaglette Flyer, which is a new thing this year as well Schoology announcements for that kind of information too,” Restle said.