Seniors mask up for Halloween costume parade amid pandemic

SENIORS Sena Segbefia, Alicia Cave and Lily Durzinsky dressed as “Ocean Spray farmers”.

On Oct. 29 at 2 p.m. seniors and staff members filed into the Senior High Gym for this year’s Senior Halloween Costume Parade. 

SENIORS Amy Jenkins and Chloe LaSarge participated in the contest dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet. “It’s our senior year and we didn’t get to do much so this is a good way to do a few fun things for our last year,” Jenkins said. 

“I just enjoyed seeing people’s costumes and just seeing people,” LaSarge said. 

This year the annual event took place while following the COVID-19 guidelines of social distancing and wearing protective face masks at all times. 

Teachers and staff members watched and judged the participants. Individuals, small groups, and large groups were each judged on their creativity, presentation, enthusiasm and overall effect.  

SENIOR Lauren Pfieffer took part in the contests as well, explaining “It’s a senior tradition that I wanted to be a part of”.

For individuals Lauren Pfeiffer was in first place, Michael Nguyen was in second place and Reid Flessa was in third place. 

For small groups Alivia Cave, Lily Durzinsky and Sena Segbefia took first place. Aliza Campbell, Katherine Fixler and Tamar Sella were in second place and Lexi Adams, Atticus Hoover and Marley Fryberger were in third.

For large groups Mary Leonardi, Zoe Drechsler, Margie Fronduti and Caroline Meyer were in first place. In second place was Morgen Grover, Sam Russell, Zoa Strobel, Sonia Propst-Zuverza, Joei Forrest, Ava Martin and Caelan Grubenoff. In third place was Braeden Price, Anne Dwyer, Willow Campbell, Sabine Berry and Hazel Lynch.