Fall sports resume with new restrictions


Nadyaa Betts

SENIOR Noah Suggs and Debo Ogunremi, ‘22, stand on the sidelines observing the game while also following the new rules and regulations that were established due to the pandemic.

As the 2020-2021 school year continues, new changes are being made, including alterations to the fall sports season.

Most teams have been practicing and training since before the beginning of the school year, however, they were required to follow certain precautions to stay safe while also preparing for a possible fall season. Despite this, games and competitions were not permitted for the five-week remote learning period.

This was until the board meeting on Sept.21, where the school board decided that noncontact sports could begin full-on competition and contact sports could return to intra-district competition. 

“At this point, we’re blessed to be able to give these kids the opportunities to connect with leaders, mentors, role models (and) coaches, to have a positive mindset around things and to have the opportunity to let them know that this is not forever. We will get onto the other side of this,” CPS Athletics Manager Josh Hardin said in an interview with WCPO.

As games are starting contact and non-contact sports, parents and students are questioning if spectating will be permitted at games and competitions. At the previous meeting, the board announced they would make that decision forthcoming.

However, WHHS has set up a way for families and friends to follow the games via a live broadcast on Twitter and Facebook for those who cannot attend.

Many sports have been limited to no audience, however, some sports such as football are allowing each player to invite two guests to maintain low capacity audiences.

Because the fall sports season was much shorter than usual, teams will have an accelerated schedule with multiple games a week to make up for the ones previously canceled. 

As these developments are proceeding, players are encouraged to adjust to these new schedules and changes as best as possible.

“I am honestly excited to have a season and I am excited that games are able to be played now,” JV soccer player Auggie Hipskind, ‘23, said. “I feel totally safe since the trainers and our whole team is doing whatever it takes to maintain a season, COVID-wise. I am looking forward to winning the season with my team.” 

As players are getting prepared for upcoming games, they are still focused on staying in shape while also staying safe during this difficult time.