Keeping it classical


Photo courtesy of: WHHS Classics Team

Members of the Classics Team pose with laurel wreaths during a club meeting in the classroom of the club sponsor, Tara Ligon.

It is well known that WHHS has a wide selection of clubs that students can choose from. With clubs such as Math Team and Science Olympiad designed for lovers of STEM, clubs such as GLEAM for those who love to write and clubs such as Model United Nations for those who love debate, there is something for everyone.
For those who love Latin and Classics, there is the Classics Team.
There are a variety of activities done on the Classics Team that are not necessarily done in standard Latin classes. “In team membership meetings, we mostly work on projects for convention, which range from costumes to mosaics. In addition, we have optional enrichment meetings on Mondays to study Latin literature and culture in more depth, and we have Certamen meetings on Wednesdays for members who want to compete on our school team,” Pablo Reed, ‘22, said.
Each year, the Ohio Junior Classical League hosts a statewide convention in Columbus for Ohio schools with a Classics Team chapter to attend. Over 800 students, parents and teachers across the state come together and celebrate the language of Latin.

Unfortunately, this year the convention has recently been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. Nevertheless, it is still clear that the drive and passion of the Classics Team members will not dissipate.

The convention consists of activities such as academic tests, art contests, certamen (classics quiz team) and creative performances in both English and Latin. There are also dance activities and a toga banquet. In addition, students have an opportunity to run for the OJCL Executive Board.

Classics Team is a club for anyone who appreciates Greco-Roman culture and/or language, you do not have to be the best Latin student by any means”

— Pablo Reed, '22

“Convention is a fun event that we look forward to and prepare for most of the year, and it allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of Classics and meet other Ohio students involved in the team,” Reed said.
This preparation has paid off, as WHHS has a history of performing well in the OJCL.
“At convention, I am looking most forward to the Certamen competition, where we have won the last two state titles,” Club President, SENIOR Otto Kindel, said.
SENIOR She’Miah Irvin, said that she is hoping to “get a medal, bring home trophies, and prove that the Latin club matters.”
Many of the team’s students believe the club has impacted them in a positive way. Kindel said that “the most rewarding part of being president is seeing new faces in the club and watching members grow both as junior classicists and as people.”
Irvin added that while she doesn’t love Latin, she loves the club due to its atmosphere. She also said that “learning the case uses helped me in English a lot.”
“I’d also like to rectify a common misconception about the team: that it is a ‘Latin’ club and is only for straight-A students. Classics Team is a club for anyone who appreciates Greco-Roman culture and/or language, you do not have to be the best Latin student by any means,” Reed said.