SENIOR year survival guide

Advice for the Class of 2020 and beyond

As this year's SENIORS move on from WHHS, they have some tips to share.

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

As this year's SENIORS move on from WHHS, they have some tips to share.

Arianna Boddie and Grace Berding

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Class of 2020 (and beyond)!

As we SENIORS get ready to depart, we want to leave you with some advice on how to get through it your SENIOR year. Here are ten things we learned
this year:

  1. Get started on your essays early. Some colleges will release their essay topics early, which helps you have time to come up with a thoughtful response. If the specific college doesn’t, the common application website always publishes the essay topics early.
  2. Visit the College Information Center. The office has so many good resources from test prep to college advice. You can find some new college ideas too!
  3. Go to common app bootcamp. The bootcamp, held late in the summer, helps you get super far ahead by assisting you in completing nearly your entire common application.
  4. Finalize your college application list. This list will change a lot during the year so don’t panic if your list doesn’t look like you thought it would.
  5. Save up for SENIOR activities. With prom, Senior Dinner Dance and graduation ahead, you will be buying a lot of things.
  6. Spend as much time as possible with your friends. This may be your last year to make memories with them. Make it count.
  7. Don’t take your time for granted. You will spend most of the year hoping for graduation, but as you get closer, the reality sets in.
  8. Regularly check the SENIOR group chat. You will try to plan things in there, but usually it’s just memes.
  9. Don’t let your senioritis get out of hand. You may have a very low morale toward the end, but try to push through it.
  10. Make sure your mental health is taken care of. SENIOR year can be super stressful and you may start losing sleep, having panic attacks or having really bad days. Make sure you talk to someone and let them help you through it.

Rising SENIORS, this next year will be fun, stressful and the most fun you’ve had in high school. Make the year count!