The Jonas Brothers, Reuniting the Dream


Courtesy Mark O'Donald/ Wikimedia Commons

The Jonas Brothers perform at the “Kids Inaugural: We Are the Future” concert at the Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C., Jan. 19, 2009. Ten years later, the band is back with a new single and an album in the works.

Hold on to your socks folks! The Jonas Brothers are back! Their official reunion was announced on Friday, March 1 and their single, “Sucker” was released the same day, which makes it almost six years since the band’s devastating break up.

The Jonas Brothers are a sibling trio that have been internationally known as icons in the boy band world. Their fame started to rise in the early 2000’s, but their charm and refreshing music allowed them to quickly rise to the top, but you know what they say: the higher you are, the harder the fall.

They first started to become popular in 2005, when their Disney Channel show, Jonas aired. It quickly boosted their music career and soon they had a reality t.v. series called Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, and a dream it was. However, the question was, how long would it last?

The three guys in the group are Joe, Kevin and Nick. In my opinion, the lead singer, Nick, was the face of the group. He was the one who lead all the interviews, and was the topic of conversation for all teenage girls reminiscing about the boy bands back in the day. He also was the one who excelled the most in a solo career. He recently made an appearance in the 2018 film Jumanji, and he even released a few songs that brought original ‘Jobro’ fans back. Although, it’s just not the same as hearing the beautiful harmony of all the brothers together.

Nick’s not the only succession in the Jonas band. Joe Jonas (the guitarist) was apart of another band called DNCE. DNCE, a similar rhythmed band, released a song titled, Cake by the Ocean in 2015, that made the Billboard 200 chart. He even appeared as a judge on Australia’s The Voice in 2018. Kevin Jonas (the guitarist) guest hosted “Live with Kelly” in 2011 and shortly after his marriage, he started a reality t.v. show with his wife called Married to Jonas.

My first time experiencing the Jonas brothers was in the 2008 film Camp Rock, where Joe was the star of the show. In the movie, he collabed with Demi Lovato, who was also a rising artist at the time.

The movie was about a teenage girl who had an opportunity of a lifetime to attend a singing camp, where the Jonas brothers played the “featured stars” throughout the camp. To me, this movie was very uplifting and it became one of my favorite movies to watch. It was one of those movies that you could sit and enjoy, with a bowl of popcorn and a soda, without having to think too hard about the plot. Camp Rock became a classic movie and a must-watch for anyone who wants to get a glimpse into the Jonas Brothers beginnings.

I remember watching this movie with my sister, while laughing non- stop at little puns and staring in awe at the different talents at the camp. The movie made my heart warm, mostly because it was filled with fun and a little romance. In other words, it was a perfectly enjoyable teenage cliche.

After the movie ended, people wanted to know where the Jonas Brothers were, and why less songs were being released. They were becoming marked off as an “oldie but a goodie” and a “that’s-too-bad” group, and we wanted to know how and why.

So apparently, there was a dispute within the band about the music direction. Not too bad right? We all thought that this was just a little sibling rivalry, and that in a few weeks we’d be right back to jammin’ in our pajamas to their latest hits. Well… we were wrong. The band eventually lost their magic and no longer felt a passion to continue it any further. What some fans tend to forget is that they are brothers. Family does come first and they had to rebuild their family before the band could even begin to come into play.
Nick told Elvis Duran,”When it ended it was not good. It was a challenging couple of years, rebuilding as a family, and I think in our minds it seemed like it would be impossible to do this ever again”.

Recently, they started filming a documentary about their history and rising fame. It proved to be a healing process for the family and brought forth multiple realizations. Joe told Good Morning America about the documentary, “We said, ‘We’re done, let’s just try to rebuild our friendship and our relationship as brothers’ — it just happened in its own time.”