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Nawaf Althawadi

Nawaf Althawadi, Staff Writer

In his first year as a Chatterbox member, SENIOR Nawaf Althawadi has gladly taken on the role of an Opinions writer.

Nawaf is passionate about reading and is interested in journalism for the Chatterbox; he does not plan on doing journalism as a life-long career, but he does want to make his mark on the school newspaper. 

He wrestles for WHHS and participates in a couple after school clubs, including Esports and Skiing.

Nawaf enjoys long walks in the woods, taking in all that God has created. He is constantly in deep thought, almost to the point of it becoming a hobby. 

He plans to attend college at UC. On top of that, a couple goals for his future are to get his pilot’s license and to make a career out of woodworking.



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In his column, staff writer Nawaf Althawadi argues that happiness and beauty are tied to nature, writing “Are pillars of stone not a result of humanity mimicking the colossal, elegant nature of trees?”

Why do we hurt?

May 25, 2021
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