The Big Transition


Heaven Onley

Seventh and eighth grade students head toward their different lunch spots. As the new wave of junior high students enter the WHHS community, it is important to remember that staff and students alike are there to help with your transition.

Heaven Onley, Peanuts Section Editor

We’ve all been there before. Wandering through the hallways trying to find our classes, carrying those heavy backpacks filled with binders and notebooks and a totally different experience from what we are used to. Transitioning from elementary school to a much bigger atmosphere such as WHHS can be quite challenging for the average middle-schooler.
You are now shifting from being the oldest kids in your old school to the youngest in your new school. The elementary days are behind you and ahead of you is high school and possibly college, which ultimately leads to adulthood. When you come to such a broad school like WHHS, there are a lot of “new” aspects that are added to your life like new teachers, new friends, new experiences and new lessons. Of course you should expect that the workload will be greater than what you are used to, which leaves less time for leisure.
Although you may feel that you are being engulfed into a new world that you may not fully understand yet, there are people here to help you! You can chop it up with your teachers, counselors and administrators if you need help with many things.
“I have really good teachers, the teachers, and staff are really helpful,” Ali Plush, ‘23, said.
Also, the some of the biggest help you can get is from the older students. Whether it’s a sophomore, junior or senior, we’ve been in your shoes before so we could offer the best assistance you can get besides talking to one of the adults. It’s never only about education. We are here to help you with anything because great mental health is key to having a great school year.
Also, there are many things to look forward to this school year. There are many events and outlets to attend such as sporting events, pep rallies, the Twilight Ball and so much more. The thought of your future can be overwhelming but the overall gain from your school years will be the biggest reward. Cheers to the new year!