A look into musical prodigy Maeve Henderson


Nazret Degaulle

As a seasoned young musician, Henderson has learned a lot about what it takes to get good at one’s instrument. “Stick to it, because a lot of people, when they don’t see progress right away, they just quit,” Henderson said.

Nazret Degaulle, Managing Editor of Student Life

Gifted in the arts is an understatement to characterize Maeve Henderson, ’25. Described by her friends as a “musical prodigy,” Henderson has been involved with music for ten years, winning various competitions and awards.

Henderson originally played the violin, then switched to viola after her middle school, SCPA, offered a free program for viola players. Once she transferred to WHHS, Henderson found a home in the Chamber Orchestra, where she has maintained a high seating since her seventh-grade year.

Since her decision to commit to music, Henderson’s life has been consumed by orchestra classes, private lessons, and practicing for over an hour daily.

“It makes me a lot busier,” Henderson said. “It’s like a whole sport in a way,” 

Henderson had also received countless awards, including winning first place in the University of Kentucky Viola Day and Clifton-Clef Music Club Strings Scholarship Competitions and winning a scholarship for the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music Preparatory Gino James DiMario Memorial Scholars Program.

When she’s not competing, Henderson often performs around the city, playing at nursing homes with her orchestra. This past year, Henderson had a solo performance at Blink Cincinnati on Oct. 16.

“[It] was really fun just getting to go downtown and play for everyone,” Henderson said.

Henderson offers advice to new musicians, saying, “If you’re determined to practice and really get somewhere, you can. Don’t judge yourself off of what others have accomplished.”