A night of creativity


Nazret Degaulle

A sign for Gleam, the publication that hosted Writing on the Wall.

Jonas Warner

Writing on the Wall is an event hosted annually by Gleam that consists of sharing poems, songs, and other forms of spoken art.

Throughout the night, many people performed, including SENIORS William Parsley and Cooper Dawson.

“[Writing on the Wall] is basically a writing showcase in general. It has comedy, poetry, and sometimes music,” Parsley said.

Despite Parsley’s love of poetry, he doesn’t plan to use it much in the future.

“I am planning to become a writer for film scripts, and there isn’t really a place for [poems] typically,” Parsley said.

The main host of the event, Dawson, also shared some poetry.

“I think it’s an interesting way to write, but it lets you really go further with metaphors and experimental language and you can show different emotions,” Dawson said. “Especially in prose, your writing is more direct or from a character’s standpoint.”.

Dawson also spoke during the open mic portion.

“[The poem] is about one of my friends, I’d say they are one of my best friends,” Dawson said. “I have this connection with them and [the poem] is about that and working through those feelings.”

Dawson has been writing poetry for a long time, but when Dawson joined Gleam, he really started writing poetry more.

“I joined Gleam in seventh grade because I liked writing and I started doing more poetry in seventh and eighth grade,” Dawson said. “I just think it’s a fun form of writing.”

Dawson’s inspiration for writing and poems is showcased in what he writes. Often Dawson’s poetry is more personal.

“I do write prose, but I mostly write free-verse poetry,” Dawson said. “I don’t really get into rhyme schemes that much, nor have I done many haikus recently.”

March 22 marked the first Writing on the Wall since 2019, contributing greatly to the budget for Gleam and giving them an additional revenue source.

SENIOR Cooper Dawson speaks to the audience at Writing on the Wall.
(Fenet Damtew)

“We hope to produce some revenue to save for our literary magazine that we try to publish every year, and in time, hopefully, it’ll be back in actual print again after four years,” Dawson said.

Writing on the Wall is an event for anyone who wants to see or express writing creativity in the form of songs, poems, and short stories.

“Obviously this is my last year but for future years, just sign up or show up to just enjoy [poetry],” Dawson said.