Itching for Glitches


L Mahler

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

L Mahler, Arcade Writer

Glitches are a fundamental part of video games. Some help players finish the game faster, while others might just do something funny or interesting. Today, I’ll observe some of my favorite glitches through the years!

5. Snowball Park Slide from Super Mario 3D World

The slippery ice mechanics are some of the most hated gimmicks in gaming, but these annoying physics have a silver lining to them. In Super Mario 3D World, crouching and un-crouching repeatedly on a patch of ice in Level 3-1 will cause you to quickly gain momentum, and send you flying across the level. Not only that, but when playing as Peach you can go even further with her exclusive floating ability. Even if ice levels aren’t your thing, even the coldest people can enjoy Snowball Park with this fun bug.

4. Messy Melody from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the cutest interactions in this wholesome game is the sight of your wonderful villagers singing happily. However, if you take away their music, the villager will be stuck in a loop of beginning to sing and abruptly stopping. This will continue until the player returns the music player, at which point the villager will return to normal. While this is amusing, I can’t help but feel guilty for using our animal friends for entertainment.

3. Letter Escape from Super Mario Odyssey

Have you ever wanted to be a big, bold letter? In Mario Odyssey’s Metro Kingdom, this dream can come true. In a plaza near the beginning of the city, you’ll find 5 letters that you can capture and rearrange. Unfortunately, you’ll soon be stopped by an invisible wall, making it impossible to enter the rest of the city as a letter–but not for long. By using a motorcycle to clip a letter out of the plaza’s boundaries, you can recapture the letter and explore the sprawling city in the shoes of the letter A.

2. MISSINGNO. from Pokémon Red and Blue

One of the most notorious glitches, MISSINGNO., became a legend in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, with Nintendo deliberately choosing not to remove it from a 2016 re-release. By obtaining and using abilities that are not intended to be unlocked until later on in the game, you may encounter this glitched Pokémon. Interestingly, it has five different appearances, appearing based on the player’s name. Achieving this glitch is much more complicated than it seems, but once you (and an internet walkthrough) find this distorted creature, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Bullet-Time Bounce (BTB) from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

My personal favorite glitch, this glitch proves itself both as useful and hilarious. In this glitch, the player utilizes an effect called “ragdoll” in order to fling themselves across the map at high speeds. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly precise, so it’s recommended that players rely on other methods to efficiently travel across the map. Nevertheless, if you’re a skilled player completing the glitch will prove to be very rewarding.