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Wild Mike’s food review



One of Wild Mike’s incredible cheese sticks, piping hot and delicious as always.

L Mahler, Arcade Writer

Since my childhood years, when I’m craving a basket of deep-fried goodness one place comes to mind. This west-side institution, Wild Mike’sholds a special place in my heart, not only for the nostalgia surrounding it or the food itself but also the ambiance and service.

Growing up, eating these dishes would turn out to be the highlight of my day. A personal favorite are their brain-melting and heart-warming mozzarella sticks, encased in a golden batter rather than the paltry crumbs used by inferior cheese sticks. 

While Wild Mike’s provides the traditional marinara, pairing these molten rods of joy with their specialty barbecue sauce provides a heavenly experience to those whose tongues it may grace. At one time, I challenged myself to conquer every level of spice their signature buffalo sauces boasted (unfortunately, my tongue could not—and most likely can not—take the heat).

My father, who has ordered wings smothered in their buffalo extra-hot sauce for as long as I can remember, describes it as spicy, tangy, addictive, and mind-blowing with their homemade blue cheese. 

Brad Mahler says, “All other wings put me in the mood for Wild Mike’s.”

With the soft chattering of pleased customers and the enthusiastic sound of sports playing in the background, a welcoming and incredible atmosphere is created.

Not only that, but the service is fantastic. After visiting the establishment, I found that while it was a relatively busy night our drinks arrived almost immediately, and our waiter patiently checked up on us every few minutes, despite the crowd. This didn’t seem to be a rare occurrence, as other waiters treated customers with the same respect and enthusiasm as our own. 

To summarize, while my nostalgia may or may not make up the majority of my love for this restaurant, the experience, taste, and just about everything about this place makes it a worthwhile visit.