Drippy denim

students style jeans


From left to right: Michelle Martinez, Julia Shotwell,‘25, Audrey Symon, ‘25, Corey Wasem, ‘25, and SENIOR Simone El-Rassi show off their outfits with jeans.

Maya Sampath, News and Features Writer

Clothing trends come and go, but ever since their introduction in the 1950s, jeans have played a prevalent role in modern fashion.

Many fashion experts speculate that low-rise jeans, which were popular in the early 2000s, may be making a comeback. However, some people have issues with the lack of support and coverage of the low-rise style compared to the high-rise.

SENIOR Kate Stiens co-founded Fashion Club last October. She has always loved to express herself through fashion.

“I think [what jeans best suit you] all kind of depends on your body type and your comfort level, because certain rises flatter different body types. Personally I like mid to low-rise. I think they flatter my body type better,” Stiens said.

For people hesitant to venture into the wonderful world of low-rise, there are many different ways to style them successfully without feeling uncomfortable. It’s all about balancing out the long and short elements of the outfit.

“I think if you’re gonna go for a low-rise go for a longer top or even a bodysuit. I also see a lot of people wearing crop tops with high-rise jeans, which I think is probably best because if you had a long shirt over it, it would look bunched up,” Stiens said.

Fashion is also a big part of the life of Grace Meyer, ‘24. Meyer is fond of the low-rise style, but unlike Stiens, she loves to pair these jeans with crop tops.

“I used to wear a lot of high-rise jeans last year, but I started wearing low-rise jeans this year because I think they look better on me,” Meyer said. “I think most [tops] look better with low-rise.”

Also into fashion, Julia Shotwell, ‘25, loves choosing what to wear as a form of self-care.

“I think [picking out outfits] is such a fun thing to look forward to, especially dressing up to go out with your friends,” Shotwell said.

Shotwell, like many stylish individuals, believes that jeans are a staple and is also into the low-rise jean variety.

“Everybody should have a good-fitting pair of jeans in their closet,” Shotwell said. “I like low-rise flare jeans. I think they fit well and flatter everyone.”

In contrast to Shotwell, Stiens, and Meyer, Audrey Symon, ‘25, has a different perspective on her preferred jean style.

“I really like straight-leg jeans that are higher waisted and a lighter wash. I think high-rise jeans just fit my body better,” Symon said.

There are so many places to find a good pair of jeans, from the mall to the back of your mom’s closet. With rising prices and fast fashion, some of the best pieces to invest in are used.

“I like to buy my jeans from vintage consignment stores because I think they have the best denim and are unique,” Shotwell said.

Every few years, we see fashion trends from decades ago making comebacks: the baggy style of the 90s, the low-rise of the 2000s, but the next trend is yet to come.

“I hope to see more dark wash,” Shotwell said. “I also want to see more ‘70s style jeans that are well fit, low-rise, and almost bell bottoms.”

Symon also hopes for a new trend to arise.

“I think [I want to see] more colorful jeans, because there’s only so many shades of blue…I recently bought a pair of green jeans that I love, so I think bringing back more colorful washes [would be] a great advancement in the fashion world,” Symon said.

Whether people choose to stick with the trends, have been wearing the same jeans for the past decade, or prefer high-rise versus low-rise, it all comes down to their comfort.

“You can ultimately find the perfect jean that’s just catered to what you love and find something that really helps you feel comfortable and confident,” Symon said.